Nevada Judge Arrested After Allegedly Punching 18-Year-Old Son

A judge in Nevada was arrested for allegedly punching her son in the mouth.

Clark County District Judge Stefany Miley, who has served on the bench since 2005, faces one count of battery domestic violence after being arrested on Dec. 22.

Miley is in the middle of a divorce from Edward Miley, a family law and criminal defense attorney.

Bruce Gale, one of Edward Miley’s lawyers told the Las Vegas Review-Journal that he received a text message on Saturday night from Edward Miley that had been forwarded from Miley’s 18-year-old son.

“Call me now. I need help. Mom punched me in the mouth and hit me in the head while I was driving,” Gale said the message read.

“I (am) bleeding and need you to pick me up. She started screaming around the neighbors and tried falling on me to make it look like I was hurting her,” the text reportedly said.

Gale contacted the police after speaking with Edward Miley and the police responded at 11 p.m., several hours after the alleged incident.

Defense attorney David Chesnoff, who is representing Stefany Miley, who was booked under her maiden name Stefany Tewell, said he had not seen the police report.

“We look forward to representing Judge Miley, who intends on vigorously defending herself against these mere allegations,” Chesnoff said.

Edward Miley filed for divorce earlier this year, claiming “catastrophic health issues” and requesting “spousal support,” according to the Review-Journal. Both parties said in court filings that they’d become incompatible.

Edward Miley’s lawyers wrote in a filing that Stefany Miley has “conducted herself in such a manner, and taken certain actions, that are improper and inappropriate to the harm and detriment of Edward.”

He tried to resolve their differences and “save Stefany and the family as a whole the embarrassment and harm that might occur if Stefany’s behavior and actions were detailed at this time,” the lawyers claimed.

Stefany Miley said in her filing that the allegations were “false and defamatory.”

The Eighth Judicial District Court told KNTV it would not comment on Stefany Miley’s arrest. Edward Miley has also not commented on the arrest and battery charge.

According to the broadcaster, Edward Miley was arrested in October 2009 on a domestic battery charge for allegedly choking his wife and their dog.

Stefany Miley later received a temporary protective order against her husband and filed for divorce but the couple later reconciled and remained married until Edward Miley recently filed for divorce.

Stefany Miley has made multiple controversial rulings, including releasing a sexual assault suspect on bail that the family of the victim said was too low. The bail was increased shortly after.

Miley also released Kirstin Lobato, a convicted murder, from jail earlier this year and reversed the murder conviction.

She also ordered the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department to release 911 calls and body camera footage from the mass shooting at the Route 91 Harvest festival concert, on Oct. 1, 2017, because she said the department was stalling.

The department took its case to the Supreme Court but was ultimately ordered to release the records, as Miley ordered.