‘A Magical Moment’: Former French Parliament Member on Shen Yun

May 10, 2023

PARIS, France—Shen Yun Performing Arts returned to packed theaters in the heart of Paris for ten shows.

Its showcase of China’s 5,000-year-old civilization won praise from many audience members.

“We admire the beauty and the grandeur of Chinese civilization. And it’s so sad to know how today it’s mutilated and mistreated by this dreadful communist regime,” said Henry de Lesquen, president of Carrefour de l’Horloge, a French think tank. “And we really do have here a precious work, a remarkable work, to bring to light this Chinese civilization, which is, however, very different from ours. Its depth, its beauty, and its charm, the charm of the dancers, and it’s always very graceful, the grace, the beauty, and the finesse. I was really touched. It was so beautiful, I had tears in my eyes!”

Shen Yun features a unique live orchestra that combines classical Western with traditional Chinese instruments.

Former member of parliament Frédérique Dumas said she felt a powerful energy emanating from the stage.

“It was really a magical moment that allowed us to travel back in time, and artistically it’s very powerful because there’s really a very, very deep harmony between the colors, the music obviously, and the movement,” said Dumas.

“There’s an energy that really moved us and that we really felt physically, so we feel really happy and light, in fact, during the performance, and after the performance.”

Audience members said they appreciated Shen Yun’s artistry and the values it conveyed through art.

“We are just beginning to discover this, and it’s a great pleasure to do so. In addition, I must say that the artists, all of them, the singers, and the dancers deliver a performance of absolutely exceptional quality,” said Alain Carlier, director of spectrum monitoring at the National Frequency Agency.

He noted the artists’ inner cultivation comes through in the performance, “and that is what radiates out to the audience if they manage to immerse themselves completely in the spirit of the performance.”

“Throughout the performance, you can feel the benevolence and the desire to tell a story, and everything is in the spirit of benevolence,” said Christophe Sadoine, CEO of Clinique la Mitterie and Clinique de les Peupliers. “And we were told at one point that it was partly based on true events, so it’s also culturally interesting.”

Former military officer Rémy Fleurot said Shen Yun moved him to tears: “At my age, we appreciate beauty, human affection, and kindness, all these virtues that we have lost, that are being lost. And it’s all the more important to find them on this stage.”

NTD News, Paris, France