‘A Sensational Performance’ Shen Yun Wrapped up Mexico Tour in Guadalajara

May 17, 2023

Shen Yun wrapped up its Mexico tour with three performances in Guadalajara on May 9 and 10. Audience members said it was sensational.

“It is a sensational performance, unprecedented, from the choreography, the music, the make-up, the stage, the staging, and the dancing of the girls, the boys. It’s breathtaking. It’s something extraordinary,” said Francisco Palacios, who is the operator of the Panteón de Belén Museum.

“I am happy, joyful, excited. I also came last year. Today, I cried much more than last year. I felt—look, my skin is still crawling. I felt that my soul, the universe, the world, my heart rejoiced. The whole show emanates, emanates one peace, tranquility, joy,” said businesswoman Irma Figueroa Cárdenas.

Theatergoers say they’ve learned a lot about Chinese culture, as Shen Yun aims to bring back 5,000 years of tradition.

“I loved it. Highly recommended, I really recommend it for all ages, and also to learn a little more about Chinese culture. It’s really impressive. Totally recommended,” said Miriam Sánchez Orozco, the chief people officer at Central Standard Talent.

“There were some scenes, some dances that had to do with the divine, and it does transport you, it does take you, it does transmit what they want to transmit, and really it does take you to the sublime, to the divine, to the spiritual, in some moments it takes you practically to the place,” said Antonio Arámbula López, the mayor of Jesús María, Aguascalientes.

“We all have a bit of divinity, and they present it to us through their acts, and as long as there is dance, music, colors, we can all awaken in us those values that they presented to us in this performance, and I take with me a smile, a renewal and a desire to know them better,” said Verónica Valle Anaya, a voice-over actor of EnVoz Records.

Audience members also showed their gratitude to Shen Yun’s artistic director.

“First of all, I would love to meet him because to see his work, to see the creativity he has, I know it comes from God, I know it comes from above,” Ms. Figueroa Cárdenas said.

“Many congratulations to him and to all the artists, including also to the people who play a supporting role around. It was really impressive. I really liked the music, it was an incredible feeling. I also almost wanted to cry watching all the artists. Thank you very much for the performance. It was something that really touched my heart,” said Ms. Sánchez Orozco.

NTD News, Guadalajara, Mexico