‘A True Display of China’: Shen Yun Returns to the Stage in Poland

March 15, 2023

LUBLIN, Poland—Shen Yun Performing Arts returned to the stage in Poland on March 2.

“The music is deeply moving, it’s soul stirring. I don’t know how to describe it,” said Łucja Andrzejewska, OCM lead at Andrzejewska Management. “Everything is still trembling somewhere inside of us.”

“The performance is impressive and filled with emotions. There are laughter and tears,” she added.

“On top of excellent dancing, [Shen Yun] also has lovely music and splendid colors. It showcases a world that’s completely new to us Europeans,” said Alexander Then, a lawyer, “A true display of China, at least most of China.”

Filip Frąkała is a visual artist. He said Shen Yun’s costumes are strikingly beautiful, and are great props for portraying characters in story-based dances.

“The costumes have such vivid colors, they light up the space. As a whole, Shen Yun brought us a beautiful color display,” said Frąkała, “And I’ve felt this throughout the entire performance. The colors are right in front of my eyes even after I close them. It left me a deep impression.”

“There is a divine element within every one of us. We know this very clearly,” said Iwona Górna, a Quantum life coach, “We all have incredible powers within us to become known in this world and spread such sublime values, as were shown in the performance.”

An audience member said Shen Yun is more than a performance of music and dance, it carries a deeper message, “my impression is that the artists are trying to tell people that any nation’s history is very important, not just China, and we have to carry on this tradition.” said Janusz Kloc, owner of an auto repair shop.

“The communist regime has left Chinese people with a negative impression. Actually, not just in China, it’s the same in other countries around the world. Poland also went through communism, and we’re also cultiving folk traditions and reviving traditional cultures like Shen Yun. But Shen Yun has a deeper message. And the artists have fully expressed the emotions and historic atmosphere from the past.”

Shen Yun is continuing its Europe tour. Its next stops are in Spain and the Czech Republic.

NTD News, Lublin, Poland