Academy Founders: ‘Everyone Was Touched by the Beauty, by the Brilliance, by the Expression’

May 15, 2024

Shen Yun Performing Arts traveled to Füssen, Germany, for four performances from April 26 to April 28. Tickets sold out two months in advance. And theatergoers broke from their usual quiet appreciation, erupting into warm applause and heartfelt cheers at the end of the program.

Monika Pott, founder of Akademie des Wissens, said Shen Yun showed “Grace, beauty, perfection, elegance, splendor of color; I can’t even put it into words. And also the energy that comes across, the message, the values they convey—a complete package.”

“Fantastic. The truth, beauty, and goodness. The beauty was wonderfully clear to see, and the truth was also felt. Fantastic integration with the background. The animations, the pictures, and these great athletes in front of them. Unbelievable, I’ve never seen anything like it,” said Jürgen Knoll, the managing director of KNOLL Maschinenbau.

“This spiritual side, this touching side, this emotional side, this cultural side, the mix of these different levels. That was what particularly touched me,” said Beate Fallaschinski, the owner of Spirituelle Entwicklungsbegleitung.

Writers and academy founders Monika and Andreas Pott brought their four granddaughters to see the performance on April 27. They pointed to the message and inner meaning Shen Yun brings to the stage.

“The message is conveyed so heartily by every single artist, which touched me deeply,” said Mr. Pott, founder of Akademie des Wissens. “It’s just touching, and you could tell [others felt that way]—standing applause, standing ovations, 5 or 6 curtain calls. I think everyone here was touched by the beauty, by the brilliance, by the expression, by the spiritual component, and what’s behind it. And we are very happy that there are courageous people here bringing this to the stage.”

“The respect, the mindfulness, that we humans have for each other, the humanity, if you want to summarize it briefly. To bring that back into consciousness, we are simply at a time where everyone has to make a decision. And it has also been so beautifully presented here, the battle of light against darkness. It’s incessant and happening inside each of us. We simply must decide which side we want to take. And it’s been presented so beautifully here. Whoever takes the side of the light has been well advised,” said Mrs. Pott.

Shen Yun tours the world with a mission: to revive traditional Chinese culture the way it was for thousands of years, before communism took over China in 1949. From cultural relics, we now know that ancient Chinese people had a strong connection with the Divine, and believed that promoting virtues is the backbone of a stable society.

“Humility, connectedness, love, the way that love actually makes everything possible and can connect everything. But also, this divine aspect. It doesn’t always have to be religious, but this deep cohesion and also believing in something, believing in yourself, believing in the connection. And I found that so, so touching,” said Ms. Fallaschinski.

“There is life after death. There is life before death. There are repeated lives on Earth. There is a divinity, no matter what you call it, whether it’s called the boundless field of pure consciousness, or the term Shen Yun uses. It’s always the same great energy, the light, that flows through us humans and where everyone can agree to absorb it, to live it, to carry it forward, so that we can ignite the light. As we like to say: to start the kindness chain. And it impressed us deeply,” said Mr. Pott.

Some audience members talked about the unique feelings they experienced—while watching the performances.

“It’s something non-verbal. You have to experience it and see it and feel it, and it’s hard to put it into words,” said Ms. Fallaschinski.

Mrs. Pott said, “I wish Shen Yun lots of success, lots of joy, and I hope it will touch many more people. And I’m also happy that we were able to share it with our four granddaughters, to simply convey values without having to talk too much. I believe that has reached the children’s souls.”

NTD News, Füssen, Germany