Audience: Shen Yun an ‘Illustration of Compassion and Love’

January 17, 2022

For the past week, Shen Yun has been performing in seven cities throughout the United States and in Europe—attracting audience members from all walks of life.

“Very meaningful, absolutely touching,” said Emily Greene, a lawyer from Baltimore.

“Absolute world class athletes and performers, and the artistry is some of the greatest I’ve ever seen,” said Chris Harris, a lecturer at Johns Hopkins Carey Business School.

“What’s extraordinary to me is the digital concepts, where it is so well choreographed with the digital coming to life on the stage, it was almost magical,” said Duane Long, president of Long Insurance Services.

“Very uplifting. One of the things that I enjoyed the most was learning about the history of China,” said Jeannie Howe, the executive director of the Cultural Alliance of Greater Baltimore.

Shen Yun Performing Arts was established in New York by elite artists inspired by a shared mission.

They strive to bring back traditional Chinese culture before communism—a culture considered to be divinely inspired.

“You really do have that sense of the divine in it. It’s really great,” said Howe. “I think there was a unity and a real spirit of joy in their work and their artistic work.”

“Really, really majestic. And the singers were just magnificent,” said Laurie Schible, founder & CEO of Laurie Schible Coaching. “And [the] woman who sang in the second song, I couldn’t believe her voice. Actually, her voice really moved me, and reading the lyrics really helped me come back to that sense of what this is all about, and just that faith and that there is always something greater, that we do always have hope.”

“I wish that this could be seen in China today,” she added.

From legends and folk tales to modern stories, all of the performances display traditional Chinese values—which have been passed down for thousands of years.

“I saw their passion in the dancers and the commitment and the delivery was just absolutely brilliant,” said Ronny Nadiv, director of strategy at the Maryland Economic Association.

“What impressed me the most was their effectiveness and giving emotion to each scene or each story that was told,” said Bill Strong, professor emeritus of geography and GISP at the University of North Alabama.

“The exhilaration that everybody really conveyed and also just pouring out of their … inner soul and their demonstration of their art and what’s inside of them is really amazing,” said Gerald Russell, president of Russell Technical Consulting Services LLC.

“I think the biggest thing that it showed me is about having compassion and having faith, and we can all use that globally, everywhere right now,” said Schible. “And it’s just beautiful, it was a beautiful illustration of compassion and love.”

“Everybody should come out and see it,” said Harris.