Australian State MP: Shen Yun a ‘Magical Display of Art’

March 18, 2020

David Shoebridge, Green MP of New South Wales in Australia, came to watch Shen Yun in Sydney on March 11.

“There’s an extraordinary degree of athleticism and just a magical sort of display of art that we see from the dances. It’s very heartening to see that lovely mixture of deep culture from Chinese traditional dance as well as some very modern choreography and amazing athleticism,” said Shoebridge.

He said he was deeply impressed by the performance.

“I think some of the storytelling that you see through the dance is really quite compelling,” he said. “I think also, it’s the celebration of the diversity of Chinese history and culture.”

“It’s not just one dominant Han Chinese dance form,” Shoebridge continued, “[It’s] a celebration of the many different nations, and cultures, and nationalities that really make up traditional Chinese dance.”

Andrew Wilson, the Councilor of the city of Parramatta, saw Shen Yun at Sydney’s Capitol Theatre.

“I have seen Shen Yun so many times, but it’s always fresh, and the athleticism of the dancers. It’s a great classical piece always,” said Wilson.

“I think you know, you’ve got seven touring parties now. And isn’t that a wonderful success and great credit to you.”

The audience showed their appreciation to the performers.

“You’re seeing something that has obviously taken years of dedication hours and endless hours of effort and performance. I think it just comes away with a sense of gratitude,” said Shoebridge.

“So I’d like to say to all the performances, I’m sure all of your audience members are deeply grateful for the work, the experience, and the diligence,” added Shoebridge. “And we take away from it—I think, a really uplifting evening.”

NTD News, Sydney, Australia