Austrian Politician Says Shen Yun’s Performance Is ‘Amazing From Every Angle’

May 17, 2024

With tickets sold out two months in advance, Shen Yun Performing Arts graced the stage at the Graz Opera in Graz, Austria, on May 9 and May 10.

Sandra Krautwaschl, an Austrian politician, said: “The performance was incredible and very impressive. I have never seen anything like it before. The performance was truly amazing from every aspect.”

Josef Kuss, a business owner, said: “Fascinating, brand new images. The way the pictures are presented and the precision of the actors’ dance movements: breathtaking.”

Christine Csámaly, a psychiatrist, said: “I like the way the feminine is presented very much, and the impressive heroic spirit of the men, which is of course also amazing. The performance always has content that expresses the connotation of spirituality, which is really stunning.”

Peter Rabensteiner, a city councilor, said: “I’m very impressed. The difficult skills, the vibrant colors, the performance of the actresses on stage, the choreography, and the wonderful props … I’m really impressed.”

Shen Yun draws its inspiration from China’s 5,000 years of divinely inspired civilization. Audience members took note of those values and applied them to modern day.

“Kindness and compassion are also shown here, as well as helping each other and being kind to others. We should all inspire more positive qualities in people,” said Peball Gerolf, a business owner. “The performance conveyed these values, and I was pleasantly surprised by that aspect. I thought the performance was just superficial entertainment, but the truth is completely different. Shen Yun has great depth, a profound connotation, and is particularly touching.”

“It is very important to consider these [values] today, because now people think more about themselves. Today’s society has changed a lot. The performance will definitely make people think. We should also change ourselves and regain our true values. The real values come when people think about the whole, not just about themselves, but about others,” said Andrea Guidassoni, a painter.

Shen Yun’s performance had many theatergoers mesmerized and they expressed deep admiration for Shen Yun’s artistry.

Ms. Krautwaschl said: “I would recommend this show, definitely. I was actually completely blown away. I had some expectations, but it was actually so rich and varied, and left so many different impressions, from modern to traditional. It was simply wonderful.”

Mr. Kuss said: “It was really inspiring to see such a brilliant, perfect performance, and the overall performance was really beautiful. We were sitting in the middle of the theater, and it was really an extremely unforgettable experience.”

Gerald Lücking, a TV production manager, said: “I have never experienced this kind of performance before, that combines dance and animation with the background. I especially enjoyed the dazzling brilliance when the curtain opened. The whole theater went dark and then the colors burst out. It was unforgettable.”

Shen Yun brings an all-new performance to the stage every season for audiences around the world.

NTD News, Graz, Austria