Lt. Col. Lohmeier Says Shen Yun Is “A Beckoning to Come Back to the Divine”

November 8, 2021

At the Morrison Center for the Performing Arts in Boise, Idaho, audience members were inspired by Shen Yun’s mission to revive an ancient culture.

“I’ve never experienced anything like this. And I’ve been to the theaters back East and in the West. And this is just, it’s so lifting,” said Mike Vasil, a real estate investor. “The love that is shared and self telling their stories. There’s nothing like it. It’s worth coming every night to see the same performance.”

“It’s fantastic. It’s just mesmerizing. I used to be a dancer when I was much younger. So the technique is sublime. It’s just perfect. It’s just precise,” said Daniel Novak, a psychotherapist. “It’s precision all the time, nonstop. Its grace, its beauty, it’s flawless, it’s colorful, it’s truly mesmerizing. One of the best shows I’ve ever seen in my entire life.”

Shen Yun’s traditional ethnic, folk, and story dances portray stories of the past up to the present.

“Another really important part of the performance tonight was that it draws awareness to all of the evils of the Chinese communist regime today, like organ harvesting,” said Lt. Col. Matthew Lohmeier, who is also an author and a public speaker.

Under the Chinese Communist Party, those with spiritual beliefs like Falun Gong are persecuted for their faith. It is depicted in some of the pieces.

“It’s really a stark contrast between how beautiful life can be—when humans live in peace and harmony—and the kind of society that we’ve built for ourselves today that’s built on corrupt and false traditions that lack the divine spirit,” Lohmeier said.

“They all onstage they look so strong. So it’s the message, it’s their personal performances and the imagery, it’s beautiful and moving,” said Kristina Krueger, director of Legacy Media LLC.

China was known as the land of the divine. Heaven, earth, and humankind lived in harmony to create a glorious culture.

“I sensed a warning in the performance. We’ve become so disconnected from that divine spirit and so connected to a ruined spirit. This is a call, a beckoning to come back to the divine influence,” Lohmeier said. “It resonates with societies, I think, across the globe. And so, it’s timely, important, and a message that we all need today.”

“It just brings together the millennia old tradition, that we are all connected to something greater than ourselves, the sense of community that is expressed in the dance, the sense of unity and compassion and connection with the earth,” Novak said. “The celebration of life and color and rebirth and hope is—you just cannot see this show and remain unchanged.”

NTD News, Boise, Idaho.