Award-Winning Cardiologist Marvels at Shen Yun Dancers’ Flexibility

March 16, 2018

Dr. Stephen J. Portz, an award-winning cardiologist in Las Vegas was impressed by the fluidity and flexibility in Shen Yun Performing Arts at The Smith Centre on March 9.

“The dancers, I wish I could fly like they do, up in the air. The way they bounce, the height that they get in their dancing, their agility and flexibility is really something to see,” said Portz, who was voted the #1 Cardiologist in Las Vegas by SEVEN Magazine in 2011.

“Really enjoyed it, and I was glad we got to share it with our whole family. The colors, the dancing, the music, everything that we’d hoped it would be.’’

“Absolutely stunning. Stunning performance,” said Melody Malone, a manager at Las Vegas Parking, Inc.

“The dancers were beautiful, the movements were just so fluid. They are just so willowy, and it’s like when they move they barely touch the ground, they just kind of float across the ground, it was just amazing.’’

The New York-based classical Chinese dance and music company stopped in the city as part of its 2018 global tour.

According to its program book, the dances are accompanied by a live orchestra which combines the Eastern and Western instruments, and an animated backdrop to expand and transform the stage.

“It’s wonderful. I love the whole venue, the whole setting and to be with those wonderful dancers and see this incredible music, it’s quite the experience, quite the spectacular,’’ said Greg Beeston, an executive vice president global sales at Jet Midwest Inc.

“It’s very well-choreographed, very well timed so that it seems to fit very well with the overall performance. And kinda makes it come to life really,’’ said Fred Moore, an audience member. “Especially the screen in the back, again that’s a very unique situation. I’ve never seen that before. So that, in combination with the orchestra I think is very special.’’

China has been known as the land of the divine, and Chinese culture was believed to be a gift from the heavens. Moore said he also enjoyed this aspect of the performance.

“You know it does. Especially that one sequence where they, where there was an actual presentation of the God and that whole history, so I think that was a very special moment too in the show so far. So it’s a very good rendition or expression of that type of culture.’’

NTD News, Las Vegas