‘Beyond Belief’: Audiences in Texas and Florida Left in Awe by Shen Yun’s Artistry

February 24, 2024

Shen Yun Performing Arts unveils 5,000 years of traditional Chinese culture in the United States. One Miami audience member found Shen Yun’s live orchestra—which combines both classical Eastern and Western instruments—incredible.

“It’s beautiful. It’s the mixture of the classical instruments with Chinese instruments. The blend between them is incredible. It just always felt that they sit very well and coordinate with the dances and the entire production with the visuals. It’s just an amazing thing to see,” said Adrian Morales, owner of Heiga Studios.

“The work they put into it, the craftsmanship, they’re talented beyond belief,” said Raymond King, a county commissioner from Midland, Texas. “And the fact they put this together in a way and brought it to these audiences, especially in a town like we’re in. We’re remote compared to where normally this would be seen. We really appreciate this being brought to us in an area like this.”

Before communism, traditional Chinese culture was rooted in spirituality. Shen Yun brings forth these beliefs through its depiction of classical Chinese dance and music.

“I think it’s a beautiful practice and I think that it should be enlivened. I think it’s something that should be preserved, as well as the history. I don’t think it should be stomped out by communism,” said Jeff Riley, a stock broker.

“The freedom that there used to be before the Communist Party took over. We were in China a couple of times and we feel the difference between the expressions here and the expressions over there. Having the freedom to have that spirituality here, we like it a lot,” said Juan Cordoba, owner of JYC Equipment.

“A lot with the spirituality of it, it’s lost in translation for most people. But the fact that we have an opportunity to experience different cultures and the way that they view that, I think it’s important,” said Mr. King.

“The stories hit you spiritually. So we got the spiritual, we got the traditional, and we got the great energy that the dancers put forth. They were just wonderful,” said Mark Atkins, who is a retired CEO.

“We believe in God, we believe in the divine. And we believe in just doing kind acts and everything as best as we can. Making every day a day that touches people in a positive way,” Mr. Atkins added.

Shen Yun will be performing six shows in Detroit, Michigan, from Feb. 23 to 27.

NTD News, New York