Miami Audience Enjoys a ‘Well-Balanced’ Performance

February 29, 2024

Classical Chinese dance company Shen Yun Performing Arts successfully lowered the final curtain on six performances in Miami, Florida. The company combines classical Chinese dance and music—telling stories of ancient Chinese culture from before communism.

“I thought that the choreography, timing, and the placement between video and live performance was just amazing. So just a very colorful, very acrobatic, just a fantastic show. We just had such a great time watching it,” said Eny Alfonso, the director of Quality at Epiq Global.

“The particular dancing styles are very nice. Very, very exciting to see how the culture tells the stories through the different ages,” said Kenny Attai, the museum director of Trinidad and Tobago Carnival Museum.

Shen Yun also tours with live music. The company is the first to combine both classical Eastern and Western instruments in a full orchestra.

“It was cool to see cultures come together in that way. I thought it was a truly interesting way to celebrate not only Western culture but also Eastern, and especially through music. I’ve never seen some of those instruments before so it was very cool to see,” said Lindsay Becker, winner of Miss Global USA 2024.

“It’s the perfect combination between the band and the stage, it’s really a perfect mix, and also the way the performers make it look easy, it’s amazing,” said Diego Toro, the founder and general manager of Toro Music Group.

The New York-based company has a mission: to revive 5,000 years of China’s rich culture rooted in spirituality.

“You cannot suppress culture. You cannot suppress righteousness, and you cannot suppress art. Art will always triumph over violence. And I think that’s clearly the message here. No matter how much you try, the goodness will come through, the dance will come through,” said Javier Talamo, partner at Kravitz Talamo & Leyton.

“All the different shows that we have seen are very well-balanced with a different story, making us aware of different cultures inside China, which is a huge continent, as you know. So it’s been truly very instructive for us. We learned a lot,” said Ahmed Bentahar, the medical director of Beckman Coulter Diagnostics.

“In spite of everything that’s happened in that country, they stay true to their culture. No matter where they are, they’re true to their culture. And the message of kindness and peace and faith. And no matter what happens, you stay true to that,” said Heledys Rodriguez, a music and performing arts teacher at Sagemont Preparatory School.

“I would say, come here for a cultural experience. It’s absolutely beautiful. The art, the costuming, and the performance here, the talent that we see here, is not something that you get to experience every day here in America, so definitely go out and see the Shen Yun performance,” said Ms. Becker.

Shen Yun is headed to St. Louis, Missouri, for three performances at the Stifel Theatre on March 2 and 3.

NTD News, Miami, Florida