Contractor: Shen Yun Touched My Heart and Soul

March 9, 2020

Shen Yun Performing Arts is reaching its third month on stage this season.

No matter where Shen Yun goes, it has received praise from audiences around the globe.

Leslie Bell is a dancer, choreographer, and actress. She watched Shen Yun with her daughter at the Capitol Theatre in Sydney, Australia, on March 6.

“It’s outstanding. The athleticism and the elegance of the dancers are just incredible,” said Bell.

“Such precision in their dancing,” Bell added. “The patterns that they make, the costumes … it’s very inspiring actually as a choreographer to watch.”

Didier Peter from Switerland watched Shen Yun in Basel on Feb. 27.

“You have to experience it. It is a feeling. It’s a feeling you have to feel,” said Peter, the owner of André Mouche, a Swiss watchmaker.

He added that he received inspiration for his designs from the performance.

“It’s just amazing. These colors, this decor, this artistic side, this traditional art side, it really amazed us,” said Peter. “Also we saw a link with our watches … Our ladies watches that have a lot of art and designs, it gave us lots of ideas.”

David Haviland from Florida watched Shen Yun in St. Petersburg on Feb. 20.

He said he has been all over the world and has seen many shows, but Shen Yun is unique.

“It touched my heart and my soul,” said Haviland. “It was uplifting. I don’t remember the name of the instrument that the lady was playing, the two-string instrument. It put chills on my body. And that’s very unusual for me. So to see that and to see how much it was touching the actors that in and of itself was enough to make me feel what was going on.”

He continued, “I believe that their message is we all started out the same way, we should treat each other with love and respect.”

“If I had known earlier, I’d have been coming to all your shows, because I truly believe in my heart that these folks here are trying to get everyone around the world to understand that we’re all together in this.”

NTD News, New York City