COO Describes Shen Yun as ‘Ethereal’

November 5, 2021

Shen Yun returned to Fresno, California, at the William Saroyan Theatre for two afternoon performances to showcase 5,000 years of traditional Chinese culture.

“Classical Chinese dance is so beautiful and it’s something we never get to see. We love the acrobatics, and the movements are so fluid. The balance between fast and slow, and strong and soft—the juxtaposition of how it all comes together is so beautiful,” said Mia Cohen, chief operating officer at Setton Farms, Inc.

“Unbelievable radiant energy that comes from the dancers coupled with both grace and powerful athletic dancing moves. That’s why we wanted to come. We were hoping for that experience,” said Eric Lee, director of Dakota Sports Rehab.

It is said that ancient Chinese clothing was inspired by the attire worn in the heavens. Much of the culture is also divinely inspired.

“Just the difference between day-to-day and this more ethereal perspective of other lives and afterlife is all very interesting also. It’s beautiful to see it come together,” Cohen said.

“We appreciate the fact that they are trying to bring back that beautiful culture that was had prior to the introduction of communism, and it’s gorgeous the way they have introduced us to that,” Lee said.

Under communist rule, much of China’s ancient culture was nearly lost. Shen Yun’s mission is to revive it.

“God created all of us very uniquely, and I love how they expressed that in their dance and in the music especially,” said Arnold Tackett, a pastor. “God created them in a very unique way, very great talent for a purpose, as he has for all of us—for a purpose.”

 “Our hearts and minds need to go up to a different level than what this life can bring us sometimes, and so we need to stay with the Excellence—we need to stay aware of God and what he has for all of us,” said Gwen Tackett, Mr. Tackett’s wife. “To live in that level of thinking—not better than anyone else, but ready to pull and embrace others into that life of love, peace, and calmness.”

NTD News, Fresno, California.