Costa Mesa Mayor Awards Shen Yun a Certificate of Recognition

March 26, 2024

Shen Yun Performing Arts graced the stage at the Segerstrom Center for the Arts in Costa Mesa, California on March 16–giving theatergoers a glimpse into China’s divinely inspired culture.

Mayor John Stephens honored the company with a certificate of recognition on behalf of the city of Costa Mesa. He praised the New York-based company for its artistry.

“I like how colorful it is. And the dancing was beautiful and also the multimedia, how they bring the live action in with the animation, it was really quite something.”

“I enjoyed it tremendously. It was fabulous. I love the costumes, the way they were dancing. I will never, ever forget it. It was really an experience. And I truly love it. And my heart is with the entire company,” said Marlene Fruehauf, ballet teacher and studio owner of Ballettunterricht und Ernährungsberatung.

“I thought it was awesome. Really artistic, the choreography, the performing is amazing. I thought the music was mind-blowing. I love the mix of the classical instruments and the Chinese instruments. And being a Westerner, I haven’t been exposed that much to some of the traditional stories and tales. So it was just a really wonderful journey,” said Carl Rydquist, and engineer.

“I think we’ve lost a lot of some of the basic things back in their traditional culture. I’d love to see that back in today’s society. But I think the culture behind Shen Yun is beautiful. I think that they’re very traditional, to their customs. And I kind of envy that,” said Brandy Seda, the senior manager of sales and operations at White Cap.

The company’s performances showcase stories from ancient China’s rich history, which is deeply rooted in spirituality. Due to modern-day communist China’s persecution of faith, Shen Yun is unable to perform in China.

Mayor Stephens added, “I think that’s terrible. I think that everybody should be able to see this beautiful artwork, and the dancing, and it’s a shame that people in certain countries, including China, can’t see it.”

“I was moved by the whole censorship thing. Because that’s unfortunately prevalent worldwide, especially in the United States now. But especially in China, and I, it makes me really feel for the country. What’s going on there, what has been going on there for a long time,” said Rick McCarthy, marriage and family therapist of Rick McCarthy M.F.T.

“Oh, it was all about the human soul and freedom of the human soul … Human beings are supposed to be free to make choices and to worship and whatever they want. And so it highlighted that that’s one of the main goals of life,” said Christopher Blanton, M.D., a surgeon at Inland Eye LASIK.

Audience members also noted the universal values presented in the performance, including themes of kindness and overcoming evil through beauty.

“I love the message mostly. I love the way that it was trying to educate most of us here, what China and Chinese and communism is … It was a repeated message that you could overcome evil with beauty and peacefulness,” said Reba Aghchay, attorney at Reba Aghchay, A Professional Corporation.

“The way it was presented was that it was very, very nature-oriented and peaceful and a message of kindness and caretaking for nature and each other,” said Mr. Rydquist.

Shen Yun will next perform three shows at the Terrace Theater in Long Beach, California on March 30 and 31.

NTD News, Costa Mesa, California.