Costa Mesa Theatergoer Describes Shen Yun as ‘Creative’ and ‘Beautiful’

March 27, 2024

Shen Yun Performing Arts graced the stage in Costa Mesa California on March 16 and 17 with a mission: to revive 5,000 years of Chinese culture. Audience members said they were captivated by the company’s artistry.

“I love the way they’re using the backdrop and sort of bringing that to life with the dancers kind of coming through—really kind of communicating with the backdrop. That’s really creative. The music is amazing, beautiful. I understand it’s a very big orchestra as well. … I love classical art forms. And I’m so happy to see Shen Yun thriving,” said Janine McKenna, a former dancer and instructor.

“I’m really glad that they’re interested in the ancient culture, and the country. And certainly, it’s really important that we continue to manage and understand some of the old traditions. I’m a big supporter of that and they’ve all done an excellent job,” said Joe Nuzzolese, VP of global supply chain and quality at Edwards Lifesciences.

“I truly enjoyed the show. It was very exciting, very riveting. The colors are just off the charts, really engaging. The way they tell the stories of the different situations that occur—really enjoyable,” said Robert Escalante, VP of relationship manager at Citibank.

Throughout ancient Chinese history, the people believed that their culture was inspired by the divine.  Shen Yun’s performances tell stories of ancient myths and legends with themes of spirituality, along with modern pieces spotlighting communist China’s persecution of faith.

“No matter what you call Him or what you worship, we all worship something greater than ourselves, or most of us do. It doesn’t matter. It crosses language barriers, you know, and to think that people are restricted from being able to worship as they see fit, is concerning,” said Dixie Milberg, VP of employee operations and risk management at Phoenix Energy Technologies, Inc.

“I believe in the Creator God. And so I was really quite interested in seeing that the doctrines of atheism, as well as evolution, is the devil’s doctrines. And I, as a Christian believe that. So I felt a good connection there,” said Doug Plata, a physician with Concentra.

“I think it brought a lot of spiritual calmness into what you were seeing and in a world where there’s a lot of upheaval. And I think the message of ‘there’s good things, and there’s bad things.’ And how you approach good things, the message is there. And how evil is going to always be there, but how you prepare to confront evil, is what’s going to make the difference,” added Mr. Escalante.

Shen Yun will perform three times at the Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza in California on April 2 and 3.

NTD News, Costa Mesa, California.