Dassault Group Executive Says Shen Yun Is a Beautiful Discovery

January 23, 2019

New York-based Shen Yun Performing Arts gave its Paris audience an experience of ancient Chinese civilization on Jan. 20.

Among the audience was Laurent Dassault, who holds key executive positions in the Marcel Dassault Group, a France-based group of companies with subsidiaries in aviation, aerospace, real estate, auctions, and even wine.

“I felt that there was a deep thought going into the Chinese culture, through its history,” said Laurent Dassault, an executive Dassault Group. “And so it touches us Europeans a lot because we don’t have all this history throughout our families and especially in this France that we love.”

According to its program book, the artists tell stories with classical Chinese dance, including the creation myth of Chinese civilization, stories of dynasties, and legends from classic novels like “Journey to the West.” Shen Yun is the world’s premier classical Chinese dance company. Each year brings a new program, with a live orchestra blending Chinese instruments into a Western symphony and a digital backdrop blending stage and sky, the experience is an immersive one.

Dassault appreciated the incredible breadth of the production, and the depth of the content.

“Of course, especially today we need a reference,” Mr. Dassault added. “We need history, and we need to be reassured by history to build the future, and thanks to Shen Yun we are reassured.”

“It’s lovely. A lot of flexibility, and a smooth grace,” said Philippe Favre, president of the Board of Management. “A wonderful retrospective of Chinese civilization and the grace with which it moves.”

“Impressions, they are beautiful,” Goran Radonjic, director of International Relations at Fédération Française de BasketBall. “I tell you, all the things that happen from the far west, from a distance, they are very interesting for us Europeans. And I, as I know this culture, I always have attraction. I always loved all the things that I can see here at this show.

NTD News, Paris, France