Edinburgh Audience Members Loved How Shen Yun Told Stories and Shared History

January 26, 2019

Flowing sleeves, gliding movements, flips, and a live orchestra that blends music from the East and West. Shen Yun Performing Arts touched the hearts of theatergoers in Edinburgh, Scotland, from Jan. 24 to 25.

“I think it’s a wonderful show, I mean it’s spectacular, it’s beautifully done and it brings to us, it’s different from a lot of things we have here in Edinburgh, and it brings something really different and good. So I’ve loved it so far,” said Griselda Cuthbert, Chatelaine of Beaufront Castle in Northumberland, United Kingdom.

“I thought it was amazing.” said Rebecca Baptie, a senior geologist. “So many colors, the dancers are amazing and it was an incredible show to watch.”

It’s beautiful. Technically from a dance perspective it’s very good, very high,” said Evelyn Lekhtman, a management consultant in IT. “The decorations, the costumes are fabulous. The story behind it is quite interesting.

The company aspires to revive 5,000 years of traditional Chinese culture for a modern audience through music and dance. Theatergoers said they enjoyed learning about China’s history and culture, and appreciated how Shen Yun was sharing this with a Western audience.

“It’s been fantastic, I’ve really enjoyed it. I’m here with my wife. It’s something completely different that we haven’t really experienced before. It’s great to see different cultures, for me that’s one of the key attractions is being able to see cultures from different countries,” said Andrew Paisley, an investment director at Aberdeen Standard Investments. “It’s been really nice. So I found it quite relaxing and quite enjoyable as well.“

“And I’m not surprised that there are a lot of concepts in the East that are very similar to the West, and there are a lot of similar traditions across all of humanity from a spiritual perspective,” said Lekhtman. “So, very comfortable and quite like it. It’s all good.”

“If we could just remember our history as we go forward in technology but remember the culture and keep on growing our culture that would be fabulous. So hopefully one day in the future it can be displayed in China because it’s just stunning,” she added.

NTD News, Edinburgh