European Parliament Member Says Shen Yun Is Extraordinary

March 14, 2024

Classical Chinese music and dance company Shen Yun Performing Arts was welcomed to Frankfurt, Germany, by a packed theater. The company put on its fourth performance in the city on the afternoon of March 2. European Parliament member, Michael Gahler, praised Shen Yun, calling it extraordinary.

“Every year it was great. It showed the diversity of Chinese culture, of the many peoples who live in China and who each have their own traditions,” Mr. Gahler said. “The expressiveness of the artists in combination with music and the different costumes, the traditional costumes, and then also the physical agility, all together. That creates an overall impression, which is really outstanding.”

Petra Kues, a lawyer and CEO of HERA GmbH, said, “It’s just pure perfection. But I say perfection paired with harmony. It’s not just the artistry and perfection, but simply this uncanny coordination—this harmony that is shown there—that’s actually what impressed me the most.”

“Great, really great. That was a very high-level performance, no question about it,” said Mark Hilgard, chairman of the board for the Hessen Lawyers Association. “It was a wonderful event. It was very worthwhile, it was fun.”

Mr. Gahler added, “I had the impression the entire audience in this sold-out hall was very enthusiastic. And [Shen Yun] also showed in this way, how different and diverse the people in China are, and what traditions they bring with them, and which should also be cultivated.”

Many of Shen Yun’s artists escaped persecution in China at the hands of the communist regime. Communism inside China launched a war with past traditions, religion, and the country’s own history in an effort to eradicate it. Since its establishment in 2006 in New York, Shen Yun has been on a mission to revive those almost lost traditions.

“People are motivated, and ultimately these are principles, which are also very important in any democratic society. Whether we always express that in exactly these three words [Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance] is another story, but I believe the basic values of a democracy are also reflected in these three principles,” said Mr. Gahler. “And in this way, with compassion, forbearance, and truthfulness, they live according to these principles in everyday life, and thus make society better.”

Dr. Kues said, “I’m going to take a closer look at it now. I hadn’t really informed myself about Chinese history, but [Shen Yun] encourages me to do more or see more.”

“In Frankfurt they say: ‘the true beauty of goodness is at the opera.’ And then, in both parts of the program, you’ll be confronted with the harsh reality of communist dictatorship. I think that’s also where many people really start to think, because you’re suddenly confronted with it. It’s all the tradition and the beautiful pictures, and then the harsh reality is cut against it,” said Mr. Gahler. “Unfortunately, we see in world politics, which is currently being dominated more and more by wars and crises, we don’t necessarily see that [those principles] will dominate. … That’s why it’s good that many people at least try in their lives to apply other principles.”

Mr. Hilgard said, “I think it’s worthwhile seeing it. To see it and to deal with it [these themes], too. So that was the initial spark, so to speak.”

“I’ve already told my friends. They’re also coming to the performance tomorrow. I will certainly recommend it to others,” says Mr. Kues.

Shen Yun is heading next to Leipzig, where its artists are preparing for another four performances at the Leipzig Opera House.

NTD News, Frankfurt, Germany.