Executive Praises Shen Yun’s Mission: ‘That’s a Very Valiant Move and I Really Applaud Them for Doing That’

March 28, 2019

At the capital of Idaho, Boise audiences welcomed Shen Yun with two full-house performances at Morrison Center for the Performing Arts.

Mark Reich, a software executive at Sage and founder of Revealed Solutions LLC, attended a performance on March 26.

“Outstanding, just unbelievable. The storyline is a lot more touching than I expected it to be. It’s really very, very nice and easy to follow along,” he said. “I think the gracefulness of the moves and the precise…they just looked like they were floating. And so I was just very impressed with the athleticism, but also just how they moved and all how intricate it was.”

“I definitely have an appreciation for the amount of skill and dedication someone has to put into that level of dancing. The women being able to balance the pot around their heads was quite amazing. But the choreography is just really incredible,” said Kevin Bidwell, senior engineer at Electric Imp, Inc.

“Visually, I was just … my mind was blown I mean, of course, I’m taking in all this information as a filmer, photographer standpoint and that was really exciting, yes, certainly it was amazing to see how people use their bodies, and the beauty of the colors, the costumes and the movement, the synchronizing of the music with the … everything was impeccable. It was just was perfection. I loved it,” said Emily Henrie, a photographer.

“I learned that it has a deep culture and that there’s a lot of rituals that come with that, and that the history is very important, and that’s really neat to see,” said Reich. “I liked that. I think that’s a very valiant move and I really applaud them for doing that.”

“I feel like I got a message of a higher power, a greater being outside of ourselves, and the miracles that we can experience when we look to that higher power, whatever that looks like for each individual,” said Henrie. “And that was really neat to see, to realize that we each can find that purpose while we’re on earth, cause it feels like there is a bigger purpose and so that stood out message for me.”

“In my culture here, I feel like maybe we’re losing sight of some of that, that divine…that we are divine beings,” said Henrie. And so it was inspiring and I think liberating in some ways to feel like I can connect with that divine through this performance, and remember that we are a child of a greater being, each of us, so it was a beautiful experience.”

David Brown, a retired executive from General Motors, attended a performance on March 27.

“I thought this was very good, obviously very professional well done, dancers, the color, the choreography, the music, it was excellent,” he said. “I’m impressed, you know, that they’ve done so well with it here, with 6 touring groups, I guess it is, that’s pretty good.”

“I’m glad, you know, especially Boise, we’re not the biggest place in the country. So it’s nice for a show like this to be able to come someplace like here, and for this type of culture to be around here, I think is really great. And I’d love if we got more of it,” said Bidwell.

“It’s for everybody, and it might not be a cell phone our noses are buried in, it could be our work, it could be something we’re distracted by, and I just loved that we each have the chance to put it down and be awakened. I think there is a message of awakening, to a self-realization, an awareness, so that was really, really impactful, I loved it,” said Henrie.

“I would drive as far as you needed to drive to go see it, I would recommend it,” said Brown.

NTD News, Boise, Idaho