‘Extraordinary’ and ‘Otherworldly’: Audience Dazzled by Shen Yun

February 29, 2024

Shen Yun Performing Arts has successfully closed the curtain on its performances in Tours, France, over the weekend. Audience members said they were inspired by the beauty the company highlights on stage.

“I love China, the people I meet there, the differences between China and the West, and the wisdom that fascinates me. All of this I saw in this high-level performance. It was wonderful, it was extraordinary,” said Fabrice Ortet, the former president of EXCEL Manutention.

“The quality of the dancers was otherworldly and the sets were incredibly beautiful. I love this technique, it makes the set look stunning. I especially loved the costumes, which were so dazzling,” said Pierre Henri Gronier, former regional director of SNCF.

“The connection between the performance and traditional history is particularly fascinating. Allowing people to learn more about thousands of years of Chinese civilization,” said Alain Cabannes, owner of Les Porcs de la Sarthe.

Shen Yun draws its inspiration from 5,000 years of traditional Chinese culture, which was believed to be inspired by the Divine. Theatergoers felt enchanted by the performance and took note of a deeper message.

Aleksandra Gogendeau, a regional manager, felt deeply moved by the message she received.

“The message of returning to our innate divinity, the call for spirituality, humanity, and tradition, the call to return to the values ​​of our ancestors. These messages that are often involved in the performance are extremely moving,” she said.

“I think this is a philosophical concept about peace and goodness. If the whole world practiced this concept I think it would be very beautiful,” said Bernard Boulin, a former police commander.

Many audience members said Shen Yun showcases more than just a performance.

“I think this is great and makes people reflect on a lot of things,” said Alain Mottais, the director of Bouygues Rénovation Privé.

“I feel very fulfilled. It is a complete blessing to come to the show. I will come to see it again. I will definitely watch another one,” said Mr. Ortet.

Shen Yun will perform in Paris, France, from Feb. 27 to March 2.

NTD News, Tours, France