Family Inspired by Shen Yun: ‘We Need This Beauty and We Need Culture’

Family Inspired by Shen Yun: ‘We Need This Beauty and We Need Culture’
Paula Finecey (L) and her family saw Shen Yun in Portland, Oregon, on Oct. 10, 2021. (NTD)
October 15, 2021

Paula Finecey and her daughter Adelyn Finecey came from Arizona to Oregon to watch Shen Yun with her family.

“It was incredible. I didn’t really know what to expect. And my mom actually was the one who got us the tickets, and brought us here, and flew us here. It was just beautiful. It was magnificent,” said Paula Finecey.

She works as a director of strategic account management at GPS Insight. The Shen Yun tickets were an early birthday present from her mother, Rebecca Duvall, who lives in Oregon.

“I love it, I love it. The fact that they’ve gone back thousands of years and reenacted some of the very same dances they did,” said Duvall. “And I love how they move with their bodies and how light they are. It was a beautiful show. It was very inspiring.”

Paula Finecey added, “I think it’s due time. I think that right now, especially where the world’s going, I think that we need this. Like we need this beauty and we need culture, and we need the history. So it’s perfect.”

Her father, Edward Niece, said he’d love to see it over and over again.

“This is a come-see event. Really come to see it and enjoy it, and sit down there quietly, and just absorb the whole scene that’s going on is really important. Really important,” said Niece.

Shen Yun is reviving what traditional Chinese culture was like before the Chinese Communist Party’s rule and the Cultural Revolution, an era where the regime systematically targeted traditional values.

“In this day and age, I think kind of getting back to basics, and getting back to kind of our history, and where we all come from, and also just trying to understand where other people come from and be open to that, I think it’s incredibly important,” said Paula Finecey.

“I think the thing is, if nobody’s talking about it, nobody’s showing it, and you guys are showing it through art and dance, it’s going to be hard for people to actually experience and feel it and understand it,” she added.

“Amazing, great, and beautiful,” said Adelyn Finecey, ”It’s really nice. It’s like, I’ve never seen this before, and I know my grandma was really excited.”

The family plans to watch Shen Yun again next year.

NTD News, Portland, Oregon