First Officer: ‘The Cast is Incredible’

March 4, 2019

Shen Yun Performing Arts has touched the hearts of theatergoers in Mesa with four consecutive performances at Ikeda Theater from March 1 to March 3.

A co-pilot couple who attended a Shen Yun performance, says the experience was like flying to different landscapes.

“It’s wonderful. I really love this experience. The cast is incredible. Their dancing experience is clearly reflected in their abilities. I especially liked seeing the monkey king. That was amazing,” said Shanna Van Dusen, a first officer for SkyWest Airlines.

“What I learned was I thought about gymnastics but what we were talking about was Chinese dance. Gymnastic comes from dance and I didn’t know that with all the acrobatics, flips and stuff that they were doing. It was amazing,” said Jeffrey Van Dusen, a commercial pilot and first officer for SkyWest Airlines.

“It was sensational,” said Melinda Dunn, owner of Melinda Dunn Design. “Like I have not been this emotional at any show in a very long time and I cried so much of my way through. It was beautiful. And it touched my heart. And I loved it. Every minute of it.”

Jim Banister is an audio engineer and musician who studied percussion. He attended the performance on March 3 with his wife Martha.

“I have played in orchestra pits and things like that, so I enjoyed the music. Especially the instruments that are Chinese, from that nationality, that was interesting,” said Mr. Banister. “The two-stringed instrument seemed strange but had a really nice sound. It’s easy to listen to.”

“I think that the colors and the choreography was amazing and the stories were … I mean, some of them were funny, and then others just had a more dramatic effect,” said Martha Banister, a senior account executive at MicroAge.

“I have been waiting to see this performance for two years. And I have been so thrilled and absolutely filled with pride, because somebody stands up and talks about things that aren’t right, that need to change, and they do it in a very wonderful, musical, just a beautiful manner. I am proud to be here,” said Patricia Taylor, co-author of a cookbook.

“It was done in a subtle way that made you recognize that there is more of a life than just stuff. That there is a significance that the soul exists, and that is the blessing of all of us. So I am just … I started crying, two or three times,” said Taylor.

NTD News, Mesa, Arizona