Folsom Audience Look Forward to a China Without Communism After Watching Shen Yun

January 29, 2023

Shen Yun Performing Arts had three performances in Folsom, California. Audience members liked the positive energy it radiates.

“It’s just so nice to have something positive and enlightening and spiritual that focuses on unity,” said Kathleen Johnson, owner of California Center for Reiki Training. “And to show us that … we are, we’re all spiritual beings, and we’re all connected and that what is being expressed is exactly how we feel spiritually. And to me that was surprising and just gave me hope. It was nice to come to something that gave me hope and joy for a change and not such a negative message.”

“Coming from a technical background, I really liked the transition with the videography. And I thought the movements were impeccable and the flow was beautiful,” said her husband, Walter Johnson, a senior scientist at a high-tech company.

“When they go off of the stage and onto the screen, it’s just seemingly endless. It just goes right from one to the next. Outstanding,” said Gabe Sallah, owner of Gabes Welding Service.

Shen Yun’s patented, animated backdrop brings stories to life. The performers interact with it to take the audience back to ancient China.

“I have some idea of the work it must take to be that precise and that good on stage and everybody’s doing something different with their hands but they’re all doing the right thing,” said Hank Campbell, founder of Science 2.0. “A spectacular amount of effort that goes into that and I really applaud the performers for being able to express it so effortlessly where I know it’s a lot of work but they make it look easy.”

“I appreciate the discipline and the organic process of Western and Eastern fusion,” said Marcus Feldman, a composer. “And the feeling behind it combined with the performers. And the discipline they put into it. And the delicacy, but the strength that they utilized. And it was very very. You could feel quite a lot.”

“Oh my gosh, I mean it’s fantastic. And the thing that just really drew us in, in addition to just the mastery of the arts, the dance, the music, is the pursuit of liberty,” said Mark Matta, director of Ministry Relations at Leading The Way. “That the people are here doing what they could not do in China. And one day we pray that they will be able to do that in China.”

Shen Yun’s mission is to revive China’s divinely inspired culture, something that is lost today.

“We saw the good and wonderful China that we hope it will return to when the communists are gone,” said Roger Canfield, an author.

“It opened up an appreciation for the greater understanding of ancient traditions in China and then the 1949 communist regime takeover. And reminded me of Gang of Four, and a few other times. And it just kind of renewed my insight and interest into the culture,” said Feldman.

“I also didn’t realize that the faith in a higher power was so intense and that that is being shut down. I had no idea,” said Sallah.

Shen Yun depicts a spiritual group called Falun Gong, a Buddhist practice of truthfulness, compassion, and tolerance. But under the Chinese communist regime, they are persecuted for their faith.

“It opens your heart and your mind to another human civilization that has very strong qualities that one can learn to appreciate,” said Canfield. “And it also helps you understand and really feel for what the Chinese people are dealing with today under communism. It’s so evil. It’s against God, human nature, all that’s decent.”

“I mean, I want people to be free to enjoy something like this or to practice any religion they want and if this advances that in a nice way by using it through the expression of dance and song, then I am a fan,” said Campbell.

“Even the parts that show the injustices that are going on, you know they were, they were just perfect. They were just perfect. To show the injustice and yet ended with hope. The way they ended with hope. That we are, that there is hope for mankind, you know. That there’s going to be renewal,” said Ms. Johnson.

“I would say, a spirit of a people who yearn to breathe and live free. And that’s what’s exciting,” said Matta. “I just see this amazing expression of the creativity that is best expressed in a free society.”

Shen Yun heads to Fresno next for three performances.

NTD News, Folsom, California