Shen Yun Is Keeping Chinese Culture Alive, Says Life Coach Guru Tony Robbins

May 5, 2023

Shen Yun wrapped up its two days of performances at a packed theater in Palm Beach, Florida.

Tony Robbins, a motivational speaker and entrepreneur, said that it’s great to see parts of Chinese culture that a lot of people don’t get to see.

“I think it’s magnificent,” he said. “And the stories are amazing, the execution, the dance is amazing, hearing the history that so much of gymnastics begins in China thousands of years ago. All this is beautiful and fascinating.”

He saw Shen Yun with his daughter and spoke to NTD about the importance of culture in society.

“It’s sad to see when the culture in any part of the world gets squashed. But I think this is beautiful because it’s keeping it alive. And it’s sharing it with the world. And everything changes with time, as we all know.”

Audience members said the artistic elements blew them away.

“The way they dance is so graceful. So, so beautiful, like floating in the sky with so much ease, it was beautiful,” said Billy Thompson, a former NBA player.

Ty Javellana, former contender for Florida chief financial officer, told NTD that he was stunned by the actors’ artistic ability.

“I was amazed at how you have the backdrop,” he said. “But how it blended where the actors were able to jump on and off the screen. And I was like, wow.”

Shen Yun aims to bring 5,000 years of traditional Chinese culture to the stage through music and choreography.

Audience members told NTD that it’s important for people today to look to traditions.

“Well, certainly when people are holed up at home, and they don’t know what the future is like, it’s nice to have a perspective of 5,000 years of dance and music to change your perspective and give you a different frame of reference,” said Mr. Robbins.

“A lot of traditions and honors. And that’s what we need today,” said Mr. Thompson.

Mr. Robbins, an Epoch Times subscriber, also praised the publication in his comments. “Knowing the truth and having something like Epoch Times that brings it forth to people I think is fantastic, and I subscribe.”

Many said they’re looking forward to watching the show again.

“Today we came and thought this was one of the most unbelievable live performances we’ve ever seen. And I would have suggested anybody that was considering seeing this would come to see it soon as they can,” said Tom Van Horn, a retired manager of a consulting company.

Shen Yun introduces all new performances with new music and choreography every year.

NTD News, West Palm Beach, Florida