‘I Really Felt Like I Was There’: Swedish Audience Member Says Shen Yun Took Her Back to Ancient China

May 12, 2023

STOCKHOLM, Sweden—An American company is spreading traditional Chinese culture around the world—even to a country where the northern light dances—Sweden. New York-based Shen Yun Performing Arts is taking Nordic audiences on a trip to ancient China through its performances.

Shen Yun performs story-based dances from ancient Chinese legends, as well as today’s China. An audience member said she was overwhelmed by how realistic it felt.

“I started crying the first second because it was so beautiful,” said dance teacher Mariia Sechyna. “Everybody’s smiling. Everybody tries to radiate the energy, tries to show the energy of the times that the story is about. So I really felt like I was there, in the time there was actually happening.”

“There was a lot of wonderful things to watch. Especially impressed with how they interacted with the animation in the background,” said Michael Hamory, an actor.

The Mongolian dance and the dance where artists danced with china bowls on their heads stood out to Sechyna.

“It is nice to meet this deep old wisdom that many cultures of course have with them,” said Ganga Roslin Bladh, an art teacher.

Dance teacher Mariia Sechyna said she was moved by the emotions in the story-based dances.

“Everything is alright at one moment, and everyone is happy. And then over a really short period of time, everything can go wrong, till the point when one could lose their life or loved ones. And that’s why everyone can relate to that.”

Shen Yun also depicts stories of Beijing’s oppression of spiritual seekers, a persecution campaign that actor Hamory says needs to be addressed.

“That is interesting to reflect on, which is sad of course, but they also give a lot of hope with the performance,” said Hamory.

He added the performance has awakened the spirituality within people.

“I think it is important because we humans are connected. And it’s very much like we have abilities, innate abilities and energies. The risk is that we’ll lose them if we stop believing in them altogether.”

Shen Yun would perform in Sweden until May 10. The last stretch of its Europe tour.

NTD News, Stockholm, Sweden