Investor’s 5th Viewing of Shen Yun: ‘Heavenly Feeling’

January 16, 2023

Some theatergoers in Florida rang in the new year with tradition and faith.

From Dec. 28 to Jan. 4, globally acclaimed Shen Yun Performing Arts brought spectacular stage shows to local audiences.

“The choreography was phenomenal. The message was great. And it was incredibly powerful,” commented Juan Fernandez-Barquin, Florida state Representative for House District 119.

Audience members marveled at breathtaking Chinese classical dance techniques and world-class orchestral music.

“The athleticism of the dancers! Their strength, the men exude such exuberance, and the women are at the same time strong and yet graceful,” recalled real estate investor Kim Hiscox.

“It was spectacular. It was, wow, way beyond anything I could have imagined. I can’t imagine anybody being that flexible. Sometimes I was out of breath just watching them,” said Hiscox’s husband Joseph Senesi, a former IBM design engineer.

A World Showdance Champion couple expressed high appreciation for the artists’ performance. “Everything is very professional. We enjoyed how everything is synchronized, well-choreographed. Its complicated routines, music, orchestra—everything is high level,” said husband Alexander Voskalchuk.

Themed with stories and legends, each Shen Yun performance consists of around 20 pieces—an artistic revival of China’s rich cultural heritage.

But viewers said Shen Yun’s message is transcendent.

“It showed me how Western and Eastern civilizations are unified with beauty, and the transcendence of beauty tied up with truth and spirit,” said prominent Cuban activist Orlando Gutiérrez-Boronat.

“I feel a connection to higher power and higher truth. I definitely felt that very peaceful connection here in the show. It helps you recover your own memory of what beauty and good and truth are, and they are indivisible,” he added.

Also from Cuba, Genevieve Morejon-Lopez brought her father to the show. “We love the way it was depicted in the performance, the way we have to also continue to be separating the modern thoughts to get to the divine.”

“This is the fifth time I have seen a Shen Yun production,” Hiscox said. “This was a divine feeling that was being exuded by the orchestra, the music, the colors, the dancers, the singers. It all projected a very heavenly feeling.”

Shen Yun is bringing eight troupes to the stage for its global tour this year, reaching more than 180 cities in over 20 countries, including 42 U.S. states and Washington, D.C.

NTD News, Florida