‘It Was Fun to Watch’ Says Media VP

January 4, 2020

Audience members in San Francisco witnessed a 5,000-year journey through China when the Shen Yun Global Company arrived at the War Memorial Opera House.

“All the dancers, you know, between the males and the females, they’re just so in sync together, that I know how hard that is to do. And it was fun to watch,” said Dave Saunders, Vice President of Sales and Partnerships at iHeartMedia.

“The visual display and the choreography is just superb,” said Mike Bingham, an oral and maxillofacial surgeon.

Ancient stories and folk traditions from different eras came to life on stage.

“Each one of them is unique, and they’re fun to watch. And I feel involved. I love when the person goes in the backstage and they fly off. It was just really fabulous, it’s really a nice experience,” said Rich Kahn, Senior Business Development Manager at iHeartMedia.

Shen Yun’s patented 3D projection helps set the scene for storytelling and changing landscapes. Dancers appear to blend in with the backdrop as they interact with it.

“I’m transfixed. I’m just so focused on what’s happening because it’s so beautiful,” said Sonya Bruner, a psychologist at Paragon Counseling Group, LLC.

“The visual spectacle is beautiful and then the reconnection with the divine, I thought was inspiring,” said Bingham.

“Up and down energy, high energy and fast and strong,” said Saunders. “And then also things that are very soft and delicate at the same time. I mean, or different times, but alternating, and I love that transition between the two.”