Long Beach Theatergoer Says Shen Yun ‘Performers Are Just First Rate’

April 5, 2024

Shen Yun Performing Arts took to the stage at the Terrace Theater in Long Beach, California on March 30. The company uses the medium of classical Chinese dance, music, costume, and 3D backdrops to take theatergoers on a journey through China’s rich history.

Documentary filmmaker and president of DMS Production Services, Douglass Stewart, said, “I love the show. I thought it was great. The costumes, the music, the dancing. All of the performers are just first rate and the screen oh my God, the screen is such a wonderful tool for telling a story.”

“The choreography was amazing. Especially the orchestra all together was great. It was such a wonderful performance, I would love to learn more about Chinese culture after seeing this,” said Jonathan De Ring, owner of Jackpot Syndicate.

“The show is excellent. The dancers were amazing. The dresses, the outfits, it’s just spectacular to watch. … It’s quite impressive and it’s sending a message to the world, and it’s a positive message so I like it,” said Michael Fitzpatrick, professor at Loma Linda University.

Theatergoers took note of the message in Shen Yun’s performances that showcase the belief in spirituality, a value that is found at the core of Chinese history and culture.

“The special message that I believe that I saw was the idea of the goodness of humanity, the symbolism of all humanity at one time being Divine. And our spirituality is the same, we want to seek that we become incorporated into the Divine,” said Bishop Brian Delvaux of St. Francis by the Sea.

“I think the message that I got overarching was just that there’s obviously this incredibly strong belief in a higher power that really is all about peace and love. We need to have faith and believe. And oftentimes that comes from ancient things that have been here since the beginning of time, and they provide but we get caught up in all of the technology and modernists that we forget what’s really important,” said Anna Blazevich, owner of Hummingbird Heart Co.

“I think it was a beautiful message. Because many cultures, especially me, myself, coming from India, we all believe in Heaven and a lot of mythological stories. And that actually makes the culture super rich and [the] community stronger. So I think the story and history of China really needs this,” said Raina Patel, founder of Mela Creative Studios.

Shen Yun will next visit Popejoy Hall in Albuquerque, New Mexico, from April 9 to 10.

NTD News, Long Beach, California