Luxembourg Princess: ‘Shen Yun Brings the Hope for a Better World’

April 20, 2024

Shen Yun Performing Arts graced the stage at the Arena in the French city of Reims in April. Princess Anne de Ligne, granddaughter of Her Royal Highness Grand Duchess Charlotte of Luxembourg, attended the show. She was accompanied by her husband, Knight of Cortils and Grace, Charles Fabribeckers, who came to discover what the classical Chinese dance company is bringing to audiences in this year’s performance.

The princess said, “I find that everything comes together—the colors, the lights, the music, the magnificent scenography, the constant link with the beyond.”

“Magnificent! It’s superb, beautiful, poetic, magnificent. It’s magic,” said the knight.

Shen Yun features dance stories, as well as a live orchestra, plus special musical performances. The princess said she particularly enjoyed the songs performed by the tenors.

She also said: “I think that each of them sang [well], with a lot of depth. The words they tell us are also very deep. It brings the hope of a better world, a better world that is inside each of us. That’s a little bit of it, and also the belief that there are other things that exist. It was very beautiful, the depth of it all.”

From legends and myths to modern-day China, Shen Yun incorporates ancient values through story-based dance. Theatergoers say Shen Yun shares a universal spiritual message.

“I think that not everyone has the same vision of the Divine, but the one you present can be shared by everyone,” said the knight. “It’s sensitive, it’s eternal, it’s majestic of course, and it’s basically what we dream of realizing, that’s the Divine.”

“Right from the start, when everyone arrives on Earth on a mission, and at the end, when we see a new world arriving, full of light. You’re feeling it all the time, that there’s really something more, a much higher spiritual dimension, that you bring through this show, and that is echoing in us,” added the princess. “It’s magnificent, and it inspires a better world, a new world.”

After Reims, Shen Yun returns to Aix-en-Provence until April 14.

NTD News, Reims, France