Massachusetts Officials Extend Welcome and Congratulations to Shen Yun 2023

Massachusetts Officials Extend Welcome and Congratulations to Shen Yun 2023
Downtown Boston. (Shutterstock)
December 23, 2022

Shen Yun Performing Arts will begin its 2023 world tour on Christmas Eve. This promises to be the company’s biggest season yet, covering more than 180 cities in more than 20 countries across five continents.

Shen Yun will perform five shows in Boston from Dec. 27 to 31, then two shows in Worcester on Jan. 14 and 15.

Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Charles D. Baker and Lieutenant Governor Karyn E. Polito issued a joint letter extending their welcome to everyone attending the Shen Yun performances at the Boch Center Wang Theatre and the Hanover Theatre.

“Since 2006, Shen Yun has brought the joy of classical Chinese dance, music, and art to audiences across the globe,” the letter reads, “Shen Yun has become a celebrated cultural institution and an international phenomenon by offering audiences the chance to discover the rich heritage of ancient Chinese culture.”

In addition to congratulating and thanking Shen Yun for the “awe-inspiring artistry and beauty that [the company] continues to bring to stages across our state,” the governor and lieutenant governor wrote that “with breathtaking story-based dance, ethnic and folk dance and orchestral accompaniment, Shen Yun has become an integral part of the multicultural fabric of our state.”

According to its website, the New York-based performing arts company’s mission is to share with its audience China’s 5,000 years of culture, and bring back the beauty and goodness of China before communism.

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