Ms. Senior USA: Shen Yun Is Perfection and Inspiring

March 8, 2020

Cherie Kidd, Ms. Senior USA 2019, attended the second Shen Yun performance at Lincoln Center in New York City on March 6.

“It’s inspiring. It’s perfection. It’s a burst of color and feeling and inspiration. I loved it!” said Kidd.

“It was perfection, the background, and the movement, and the inspirational message, and the music,” she added.

Kidd is the winner of the Ms. Senior USA 2019 pageant and former mayor of Port Angeles, Washington.

She came to New York City with artist Charlotte Ambrose, who represented Poland at the same pageant, to visit the United Nations. They rounded out their trip with a visit to Lincoln Center to see Shen Yun’s performance.

“This was an explosion of color! I told my seatmate, I said my eyes are filled with the excitement of what color can do to help the soul. And the message that was given to everybody, to consider our life here and how we live our life,” said Ambrose.

Shen Yun Performing Arts has the mission to revive the traditional Chinese culture and its values through dance and music.

Not only the beauty of the performance, but also the deeper meanings of the stories portrayed in Shen Yun left them deeply inspired.

“I love the message that inspires us to be our better selves, and have a greater vision of our fellow man, and have a vision of our future and live our best lives,” Kidd said. “It was just fabulous. Thank you so much for this experience. I’m very grateful that I came.”

“If you believe in something very strongly that you should find a way to send a message to people,” Ambrose added.  “And I think this sends a wonderful message about life, and about heaven and earth, and perseverance.”

They both express their gratitude to Shen Yun’s performers.

“Thank you for working so hard, to be so perfect to give us this experience that just takes your breath away,” said Kidd. “We just had an evening will never forget.”

“I think you are fantastic,” said Ambrose. “I think you need to continue your skill, and continue to inspire audiences.”

NTD News, New York City