Music Enthusiasts Praise Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra’s Exhilarating Performance

September 27, 2017

Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra performed at National Concert Hall in Taipei, Taiwan on Sept. 22. The performance received praise from many renowned musicians and artists.  Conductor Milen Nachev, after performing three encores, was touched by the enthusiasm of the fans and with the wave of a white flag, performed one final piece. Here are some of the comments gathered in interviews after the show.

83-year-old Fujita Azusa is an internationally acclaimed pianist. She has traveled all around the world and came specifically to watch Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra’s performance.

She said, “I really like Shen Yun’s very special, very unique programs. I really want to congratulate them for their incredible power of conviction.”

Su Shien-Ta is a renowned violinist in Taiwan. He spoke on how the tonality of western music and Chinese music is very different. It is not easy to combine the two musical systems harmoniously.

He said, “Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra integrated the Eastern elements with Western elements. It’s an excellent combination. I’m very impressed by the whole concert. It’s very exceptional.”

Renowned pottery artist, Li Maotsung said, “The tenor just now sang particularly well. He was very noble, the intensity was very stirring, very emotional. Outstanding.”

Former Director General of the National Immigration Agency, Wu Chenchi said, “The quality was very high, indeed it is world class. As long as I see these two words ‘Shen Yun’ I will continue to come.”

Director of Thoracic Medicine, En Chu Kong Hospital, Chen Chiahao said,

“I have listened to many symphony orchestras, but this orchestra is very different. It’s able to vividly perform Chinese musical pieces. It’s really well done and quite astonishing.”

Travel agency manager, Elizabeth Lim is a Malaysian Chinese who resides in Taiwan. She said,

“This performance is special. I can feel the composer telling me a story. I can hear the wind blow, and can feel it on my face. I can see flowers. I can see Genghis Khan, imagining him riding a horse in a desert. Next [I can see] big flags fluttering in the wind. I feel like I am taken away and engaged by their performances.”

Floral design artist, Tai Rueilan said,  “We often say, ‘On a cold night, I serve tea to my guest instead of wine.’ I believe Shen Yun is good tea, and also good wine. You can taste its fragrance as well as its charm.”

She also expressed her feeling, “In today’s chaotic environment, just now I felt my whole self immersed in spiritual tranquility and calmness. I believe [this performance] is very helpful in comforting people’s hearts.”

Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra continues its tour throughout Taiwan and will returning to Taipei for its final performance this year on Oct. 3.

NTD News, Taipei, Taiwan contributed to this report