Musician Finds Shen Yun Performance ‘Interesting and Educational’

March 6, 2019

PHILADELPHIA, Penn.—At another sold-out performance at the Merriam Theater in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on Feb.27, Shen Yun Performing Arts continued to dazzle and satisfy audience members with its unique and elegant performance.

Bill Brody, a former musician that has played with the Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra, the Philadelphia Academy of Music, and a number of Broadway productions, said he enjoyed the performance on Shen Yun and the culture it portrayed.

“It was an excellent portrayal of life in general, and an excellent use of music,” said Brody.

“It’s a mix of instrumentation in music,” he said. “But my opinion is the orchestration the arrangements, and all that were handled extremely well and it did a very good job of supporting the dance that was going on.”

Shen Yun’s live orchestra blends classical western instruments and ancient Chinese instruments to create a powerful experience.

“It was done very tastefully, that they were interwoven nicely,” said Brody. “So it was [an] outstanding show. The level of the musicianship was very high. It was outstanding.”

Interesting and Educational

“I got to learn a lot,” said Brody. “I got to see a lot of different things about the Chinese culture that I would not have ever seen before, so I thought it was interesting and educational at the same time.”

“This was an outstanding chance to get out and see something that we would have never seen anywhere else so I would recommend it to anybody, I’m glad we came,” he said.

Chuck Peterson, President of Piton Insurance Group & Financial Services, was enthralled with the production.

“Simply it’s amazing, just blown away,” said Peterson. “Everything I thought and more. Visually stunning, majestic dancers. Honestly, it just takes you to another dimension so to speak, it was just beautiful.”

Chuck Peterson, President of Piton Insurance Group
Chuck Peterson, President of Piton Insurance Group & Financial Services, after watching Shen Yun Performing Arts at the Merriam Theater in Philadelphia, Penn. on Feb. 27, 2019. (Shenghua Sung/NTD)

“It was so good,” said Peterson. “I mean [it] just engrossed you into the whole scene and lifted it to the next level, as far as putting it together with the dance and just like the whole immersion. Yeah, it’s really, really good.”

Depth and Diversity

The rich culture conveyed in the performance covers a wide range of ethnicities and dynasties from the past.

“I thought it was really cool, really well integrated and really powerful to share that with everybody here,” he said.

The dynamic storytelling delivered through music and dance was both entertaining and educational.

“I love it, my son’s here too and he’s four years old and he thinks it’s the coolest thing,” said Peterson. “Really neat, I love that creativity and also that it’s exciting to be like a kid again, it’s really cool.”

“All my expectations that I had were really high and it far has exceeded them already, so really, really cool,” he said. “Highly recommend it to everybody to come out.”


Valerie Stevens, an Interior Designer was thoroughly impressed by the concerted efforts and coordination of the performers.

“The talent, I mean the fact that they were synchronized, and everybody moved in sync and it was beautiful,” said Stevens. “It was really lovely they glided across stage, their costumes were breathtaking, and the music was wonderful.”

“The stories they told, they were funny, they were informative, great, loved it,” said Stevens.

“Definitely coming back again.”

NTD News, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania