New Mexico Audience: Shen Yun Shows Kindness, Compassion and Hope

November 9, 2021

Shen Yun Performing Arts gave two performances in New Mexico Nov. 1–2.

A businessman planned to be on a work trip on Monday, but because his flight was canceled, he had the chance to watch Shen Yun that night.

He didn’t regret anything.

“It was spectacular. I am just so impressed. You know, getting to see the performance here just opened up my world to Asia more,” said Paul Matamoros, the CEO at Metro Properties Holding Co. LLC. “I was just so impressed with the musicians, the dancers … and the costumes, oh my goodness. So I was right next to the orchestra in the middle, and I couldn’t help but keep my eyes on them. So lovely, so peaceful. I really enjoyed hearing the [two-stringed] instrument. And then when the young lady had the [Erhu] solo, it was just amazing.”

Shen Yun’s mission is to bring back on stage the traditional values from Chinese culture that have been destroyed by the Chinese Communist Party.

“That really interested me about this production when I heard that it was pre-communist times. And I’m a lover of culture. And I think that just to keep it alive, especially now in these times, I think it couldn’t have been at a better time. Because so much with world powers, competing and doing what they do, you really lose touch of really what makes a human being a human being.”

Sandra Sandien, the principal officer of a nonprofit organization, was moved to tears.

“It touched me in many, many ways, many ways—to see compassion, to see love, to see recovery from things in life that are not so kind, and to be able to rise above that and to go on and to hold the history of your country, the sacred teachings of your country and your faith. And I honor you for that. Thank you,” said Sandien.

Cellist Keely Mackey was not only inspired by the live orchestra, but also the spirit behind the music and dance.

“This touches us, it gives us hope. We think about hope for the future, … all of the trials and tribulations that people have been through for thousands of years, that we can still move forward and have progress and still keep the old virtues that we need, such as compassion for each other,” Mackey said.

“I wish them long lives to continue to share with all of us everywhere they go,” said Sandien. “And I send them blessings. Continue to teach, continue to bear your hearts. Continue to share it with the world, everywhere you go. And thank you.”

NTD News, New Mexico