No Going Home Tonight! Yunlin Residents Revel in Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra

October 1, 2017

On the evening of Sept. 27, Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra traveled to the agricultural county of Yunlin, Taiwan, offering a rare chance to see the box office success. All kinds of people from the mainstream society gathered together to witness the show, including the mayor of Douliu City, Hsieh Shuya.

She remarked, “If time stops at this moment it would be so great, I would just keep listening and not go home tonight.”

“[The music] gave me the image of riding a horse, floating with the wind, and bathing in delicate moonlight, these musical notes take us on a journey.”

“[All the performances] were very moving. As soon as [the singer] started singing, from the beginning to the end, I felt like the Yangtze and Yellow rivers were in [the singer’s] heart. Different songs had different characteristics, but they were all very comforting. These beautiful images of the musical movements are still fresh in my mind. I feel if a city wants to touch its people’s hearts, it should revive the arts and culture.”

The Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra is based in New York, but performs around the world. It combines Eastern and Western instruments in a full orchestra and is accompanied by Bel canto singers. It was originally part of the Shen Yun dance performance. The orchestra has been performing solo since 2012, when it debuted at Carnegie Hall.

NTD News, Yunlin, Taiwan contributed to this report.