NYC Theatergoer Says Shen Yun ‘Shows Us and Reminds Us of the Grandeur of China of the Past’

April 19, 2024

New York City theatergoers welcomed Shen Yun Performing Arts to the David H. Koch Theater at the distinguished Lincoln Center with a sold out show on April 13th. The company presented an evening of classical Chinese dance, music, and beauty, inspired by 5,000 years of China’s rich heritage.

“Their technique is just wonderful. They really allow us to dream while watching the show, it was really a delight. It shows us and reminds us of the grandeur of China of the past. Which I sometimes think is forgotten nowadays,” said Peter Mazzei, chief marketing officer at HNP.

“It was absolutely spectacular. What a great depiction of what your country has experienced and a great, a very unique way to interpret it. Americans specifically what we take for granted every day, our freedoms, and what your people have experienced,” said Heather Bell, president and CEO of Orange County Chamber of Commerce, N.Y.

At the core of traditional Chinese culture is a deeply-rooted belief in spirituality.  Shen Yun revives these values by telling stories of ancient Chinese fables along with stories from modern-day communist China, and its ongoing persecution of faith.

“Shen Yun exposes the truth about communism in an art form. Many people don’t know about what a godless regime and [how] horrible communism is and how it affects the people, and that they bring it out in a story form in music and dance. I think that’s very powerful,” said Dr. Jane Neuman, a physician at MDVIP.

“These people don’t want to be kept down by a harsh regime. That they want to live their freedom, live their religion in their own way and that’s inspiring for anybody,” said Will Fern, an award-winning magician.

“God created us as good beings. And we want to be able to appreciate culture and each other. And we don’t need communism. We don’t need an oppressive regime to dampen anybody’s God-given abilities and spirit. So good for Shen Yun,” said Dr. Margaret Lambert, a private OBGYN doctor at Hackensack Meridian Health.

Audience members took note of values like peace, compassion, and hope.

“The message of joy, hope, and God, I think everyone should see it, we’re really enjoying it. We love the message that it brings out and it’s nice to see that it’s being brought to everyone,” said Marcello Sciarrino, co-founder of Island Auto Group.

“We need to love each other a little bit more. The world has to be a kinder place. There has to be peace,”​​ said Suzette Henriquez, an attorney.

Shen Yun will next perform five shows in Newark, New Jersey, from April 25 through April 28.

NTD News, New York