NYC Theatergoer: ‘Shen Yun Is Really Reviving That Spirit of Humanity That We All Need to Survive’

April 10, 2024

Shen Yun Performing Arts took the stage for a sold-out performance at the David H. Koch Theater in New York City on April 6. The dance company showcases 5,000 years of traditional Chinese culture through song and dance. Audience members marveled at the stories brought to life on stage.

“I think they did an amazing job. They really embraced and embodied the Chinese spirit and culture in this performance,” said Rachel Wilson, an IT product owner with Save A Lot Corporation.

“I think it’s wonderful. I think that everybody should be exposed to it. … They said 5,000 years of different dynasties and that’s important to know about,” said Mitchell Melone, owner of Vanco Pharmacy.

Shen Yun’s performances showcase stories ranging from ancient myths and legends to depictions of modern-day China. The company shines a light on human rights abuses happening under the Chinese communist party’s rule, including forced organ harvesting on members of faith groups.

“I think people, especially in this country, don’t really understand what’s really happening in China. Whether it’s organ harvesting and the oppression. It’s terrible what’s really happening. We have to get a better understanding of what’s happening,” said Frank Curro, national director of The Phoenix Group.

“I think their efforts are heroic and fantastic. And I know that they’re being challenged by the Chinese government, which is trying to crush people and trying to crush people’s spirit. But here, Shen Yun is really reviving that spirit of humanity that we all need to survive,” said Matthew Grace, author.

Using the medium of classical Chinese dance and music, Shen Yun’s performances carry a message of spirituality—a value deeply rooted in traditional Chinese culture.

“I am also a person of faith. I can understand this very well. It means that God loves the world, so he comes to save everyone. When people do things, the principles of Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance are applied. When doing things in daily life, they are actually consistent. I also hope that even for someone that doesn’t have religious beliefs, someone that is fearless, but he knows that when he does things he would still have a sense of awe and do things with the pursuit of truth and compassion. I think it’s very good,” said Chen Chuang Chuang, attorney at Chuang Law Firm.

“This show is extremely inspiring. And the message seems to be very clear throughout the show, it’s a message that I love. And that is that if humanity doesn’t believe in anything higher than themselves, we’re in big trouble. There is a Creator, no matter what your religion might be, there is a Creator and to deny that it always ends up in huge, huge problems for any society that doesn’t believe in something higher than themselves,” added Mr. Grace.

Shen Yun will next visit the Performing Arts Center in Purchase, N.Y., from April 18 to 21.

NTD News, New York