Opera Singer Reflects on Themes in Shen Yun: ‘If you seek strong values, then life will be better’

January 12, 2018

Purity, beauty, and the divine—those were what opera singer, Thomas Franzky, saw in Shen Yun Performing Arts at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa, Canada on Dec. 30, 2017.

“I was very impressed [by the soprano]. The moment that sound came from her mouth, it was so pure, so powerful. I’ve studied voice for 22 years with an opera singer myself, and I’m familiar with the bel canto technique, and she was really outstanding,” he said.

The orchestra, which combines both Western instruments and traditional Chinese instruments, provides accompaniment to the company’s Chinese classical dance performance.

“I was very surprised at how well everything went together. When I heard the erhu piece, I was struck by the delicacy of the sound that came out.”

Franzky was amazed at how Shen Yun used visuals to create the immersive experience.

“The effects with the screen [animated backdrops] and the characters jumping in and out was just fantastic. My eyes were glued, and my attention was glued to what was happening in the story.”

He also said that Shen Yun helped him gain a deeper perspective on how to look at things in the world today.

“[The last piece,] it was a very strong message. What came across to me was the message that this group is trying to get across, that there’s a better way, and that if you seek strong values, good values, then life will be better, the world would be better.”

NTD News, Ottawa, Canada