Perth Theatregoer Gains a ‘Much Greater Understanding’ of Chinese Culture After Shen Yun

April 3, 2024

Shen Yun Performing Arts filled the seats at His Majesty’s Theatre in Perth, Australia, from March 21 to 23, performing in front of four sold-out shows. The company brought 5,000 years of Chinese tradition and beauty to the stage.

“I’m mesmerized by these performances. They’re highly professional. And it was my dream to watch this performance,” said Yana Kravtsova, a professional dancer for the Princess Cruise Lines.

“It’s beautiful. It’s colorful, there’s a lot of story and history in it. And I definitely recommend everyone should come and see the show,” said Helga Lucas, a marketing manager.

The performance depicts stories from ancient myths and legends, while also shines a light on the suppression of faith in modern China under the communist regime, including human rights abuses and the illegal organ harvesting of faith groups.

“The communism and organ harvesting really touched me. I almost felt like crying. It’s really touching to know that the Chinese people are really struggling. And it really brought home how amazing the people are from China to endure all of this and actually to survive all of this,” said Christa Lourens, a business owner.

“I think the message as well [is] to learn about where the dancers are from in New York, and that they’re still being persecuted for those thoughts, those religious thoughts, or those religious beliefs in China, is very sad. It just shows language is not a barrier and everyone does understand the message through dance, through art. They’re giving this really important message,” said Lisa Fernandez, former presenter for Channel 9 Perth.

Shen Yun’s mission is to restore traditional Chinese culture from before communism. By putting on all-new performances every season, the company hopes to share those ancient values with audiences around the world.

“I think that if it’s important enough for the dancers and for the Chinese community to want to spread that message and bring it here, then it gives us food for thought to really appreciate what they’re trying to do and what they’re trying to revive. And you have a much greater understanding and also respect for what they’re trying to do,” added Ms. Fernandez.

“I respect all cultures and everybody’s beliefs. And I think that it’s important that the performers can express that and that we can put on performances like this,” said Cindy Tonkin, the founder and director of Carton & Co.

“I think it’s outstanding that we get to witness such a great piece that’s put together of just the happiness … the color, the excitement, and everything before communism. And I think it’s great that we get to get a sneak peek of what that looks like, and just how beautiful it actually was. And so I think that it’s a treasure,” said Jazlyn Gabriel, a marketing manager.

Shen Yun will next perform at the Taipei Performing Arts Center in Taiwan from April 2 to 7.

NTD News, Perth, Australia.