Principal Dance School Says Shen Yun Gives Hope for the Future

March 21, 2020

Shen Yun gave Sydney, Australia, 14 March performances this year.

Families from all over the country came together to see the performance.

“It’s magical, breathtaking, and something that you have to come and see,” said Natalie Hazzouri, a retail development business manager.

“I haven’t seen anything like it. And we’ve been to a lot of different theatres, but never have we come across something that’s so traditional, but also at the same time technical using film and backdrops that are electronic.”

“The music, the orchestra was just terrific,” said Peter Murray, a company director. “And to have a bit of that Chinese [instruments] background as well really made a great feel for the whole orchestra.”

“I think visually, it was so incredible and to see the technique and the abilities of the dancers was amazing. But the story behind it was super powerful as well,” said Kue Hall. “So it was amazing.”

Hall is a producer and senior writer of News Corp in Melbourne, Australia. She came to see Shen Yun with 11 of her family members who flew from all over Australia to Sydney.

“This was the show that we’ve chosen to come and see. My Mum actually organized the whole event around the show … they all loved it.”

“It’s really nice to see some of that journey of the history, the things that people come up against, and the things that people are standing up for and making sure that people see the culture of the Chinese that we don’t often get to see,” Hall added.

The audience said that Shen Yun shares important values with the world, and it gives people a sense of hope in a world of uncertainty.

“Just from what I learned from the performance is so much that the values are things we need to go back to today,” Hall continued. “To love, to being your best self, to connect to the divine. And I think it’s a really important message to be spreading, certainly in times like this that is so uncertain.”

“Really powerful and really important.”

“I think it was very positive. And it gives you a lot of hope for the future,” said Carlie Facer, who is the founder and principal of Carlie’s School of Dance.  “And I think that was the message that they were trying to portray. In this world, at the moment, we have lots of uncertainty. And I suppose with the last dance it kind of gave an uplifting feeling of hope and positivity.”

NTD News, Sydney, Australia