‘Really Elevates You’: Shen Yun Performance in Monterrey, Mexico

May 17, 2023

Shen Yun finished its five performances in Monterrey, Mexico, from April 28 to May 1.

“The curtain opened and we were transported, as if we were in heaven among the clouds. The whole show is wonderful, everyone’s coordination, all the dancers. Not to mention the music. It was all very special. It’s worth coming to see this show, it’s highly recommended,” said Carlos Pedraza, the director of the Culinary Institute of Mexico AC.

“It’s very exciting because from the very beginning you see all the colors and the orchestra that’s there with them also, and everything starts to be imparted from the beginning, that excitement to see what they’re going to do and how they make such high jumps, which seem to be weightless, all of them really. It’s an impressive level of perfection, impressive,” said Gabriela Alvarado Cantú, an estimator II of the global team at Honeywell.

Shen Yun’s mission is to bring back China’s 5,000 years of culture through classical Chinese dance and live music. Since ancient times, people have believed those traditions were passed down from the heavens.

“It’s very admirable that they are trying to recover all this history and all this cultural richness that the Chinese have, which is impressive, so that it’s not lost, because it’s one of humanity’s oldest cultures. That’s why it’s important to recover it and transmit it to the whole world,” said Ricardo García Nieto, the operation manager of DIGA, S.A. de C.V.

“The fact is that they combine the spiritual part very well and bring it to the modern, they link it very well. It’s very well done and above all, how they handle the technology on the screen, how it’s so synchronized, the dancers enter and exit, interact with the screen, it has technology, it has values, it has traditions and it links Chinese culture with current themes,” said José Juan Estrada, a regional director of Arca Continental.

Theatergoers said Shen Yun inspired them.

“I think they really elevate you. That is, they make you see the divine in the arts, in this case in dance. And then, as I was saying, also in music, because the orchestra also, plays a big part,” Ms. Alvarado Cantú said.

“We are disconnecting from the people around us and we need to reconnect with the earth and with the universe and with God, mainly to be holding the hand of God, and then everything starts to work as it should be,” Mr. Pedraza said.

“It transports you to a culture full of magic, of values, of feeling; and to see the actors, true athletes, the beautiful dancers with so much talent, the music, the soprano, everyone, everyone, a beautiful show that is worth living, enjoying, feeling, and taking this with us and putting it into practice, because it speaks of faith, of love, of compassion,” said Nelly Cantú De Ordaz, who works in food engineering.

“It is truly sublime, it’s a world-class show and we enjoy every time we come to see them. We hope they keep coming back for many more years to continue sharing these moments that only they can transmit. I had never seen a dance show like this one, and I enjoyed it very much,” said Alain Estrada, who is an accountant at Peddinghaus Latin America.

NTD News, Monterrey, Mexico