Sales Director: Shen Yun ‘Provided Us With a Glimpse of the Divine’

March 9, 2020

Shen Yun is performing in New York City’s Lincoln Center for an entire month and has left audiences in awe during its first 3 days of performances.

“It was stellar! It was absolutely amazing,” said Darren Skomorowsky, director of revenue management at SBE lifestyle hospitality.

“Everything about it—from the colors, the level of performance, to the choreography. It was all inspiring. I wish I had four eyes so I could see the entire stage at all times.”

“I love the music. I thought the orchestra was absolutely incredible,” said Brian Crowell. “It was more than just a dance, it was a story, and they were telling us something. And it was incredible to learn a lot about the history, and the culture, and also to enjoy the incredible performers who were dancing out there.”

Crowell is a professional golf teacher and the president of the Metropolitan Section of America Professional Golf Association.

He saw Shen Yun on March 7 and said he was inspired by the performance.

“I think there was a very positive feeling to the entire production, and you leave on kind of an emotional high,” Crowell added. “It was very spiritual and I feel better about the world. I feel uplifted and I’m just invigorated by the production. It was wonderful.”

From heavenly realms to ancient legends, Shen Yun uses dance and music to bring China’s 5,000 years of traditional culture to life on stage.

“I think they provided us with a glimpse of the Divine,” said Skomorowsky.

“I thought the way they used the spirits, and the heavens, and the way they drew the performers in through the screen and up to the skies. It was very … it sort of transcended a typical production,” said Crowell. “And I really took a lot away from that.”

Crowell expresses his gratitude to the artistic director for bringing this wonderful experience to the audience.

“It was it was incredible. Congratulations, whatever you’re doing, keep it up. It was fantastic,” Crowell added.

“The entire production was just seamless. And I have to give incredible regards to the entire production crew and the art directors, everyone who puts so much time and effort into this because it all came across as just an incredible experience for us.”