Shen Yun ‘A Masterpiece’: Audience in Italy

April 28, 2023

Shen Yun presented seven performances in Turin, Italy from April 18 to the 20. The audience expressed delight.

“Moving, exciting. I would not use the word ‘performance.’ You are too modest. It’s a masterpiece,” Piemonte city councilor Giampiero Leo exclaimed.

Councilor Alberto Praioni agreed. “These [are] artists of the highest level, great coordination. In all disciplines, from singing to dancing, it’s really a show that was worth coming to see.”

Beyond classical Chinese dance and live orchestral music, patrons appreciated Shen Yun’s mission of reviving traditional culture.

“There is a perfect connection between past traditions and hope for the future. And I find it makes everything very optimistic and very beautiful, in spite of [what’s happening] at this precise moment in China,” said Giovanni Vagnone, CEO of Retro Consulting Group.

National Cinema Museum president Enzo Ghigo said, “I think one of the merits of tonight’s performance is to show and represent the millennia of Chinese history before the Cultural Revolution.”

Savio Company CEO Cristina Seymandi spoke about the song lyrics: “The lyrics are an invitation to overcome our limitations inspired by deep values that come right from tradition. It’s important that the tradition can continue to be passed on to other countries, so that it can be respected.”

Many also said they found inspiration relevant to contemporary life.

Mr. Vagnone continued: “There are just as many values as possible, so I find that the message is the embodiment of the divine in the human. And so the fact that human beings can continue this divine presence on earth.”

“In a society like this that is losing the sense of true beauty, the sense of spirituality, the sense of compassion, it’s much more difficult for people to understand it. And so there is much more need of your wonderful work,” Mr. Leo added.

“Relying on faith is definitely a good way to have balance, to guide us in this darkness or dark times,” Mr. Praioni said.

Shen Yun is wrapping up its 2023 worldwide tour, which runs through May 10.

NTD News, Turin, Italy