Shen Yun, a Performance That Reminds Us of Important Values

January 3, 2020

As Shen Yun tours Italy and with 15-shows already sold out, tickets are hard to get for the highly acclaimed classical Chinese dance performance.

A well-known Italian choreographer Davide Bombana saw the performance on Dec. 27, in Florence, Italy, and said he was astounded by the choreography and the dance techniques.

“I was very fascinated by the art, the superb skills and the technical performance of the dancers,” said Bombana. “I am very surprised that such technique and expressive force was already present and around for thousands of years before ballet.”

Since 2006, Shen Yun has been touring around the world with its mission to revive ancient Chinese culture through dance and music.

“To see this form of virtuosity, so ancient and yet in a sense so fresh, is for me an incredible surprise,” he added.

But what attracted him more was the spiritual connotation throughout the performance.

“I think seeing this kind of content about life and spiritual beliefs again is a very meaningful thing,” said Bombana. “Not only from an artistic perspective but also from a spiritual perspective, it brings us back to the ideal world, which is what we are losing today. ”

For thousands of years, classical Chinese dance was used to express traditional values which place great emphasis on spiritual self-discipline and respect for the divine.

Many audience members said the performance was filled with important reminders.

“For me, this performance allows us to examine ourselves in our daily lives,” said Pierangelo Conte, the artistic director of Florence Opera. “I think it is more important to look inward and find these values. And this performance can remind us of that.”

“It seems there is a very beautiful, spiritual message,” said Diletta Frescobaldi, professor of business administration at Florence University of the Arts. “The meaning that this dance has for us today, I find it really beautiful. I recommend [everyone] see it.”

“I will wait for next year to see this again because they told me that it changes every year”

NTD News, Florence, Italy