Shen Yun Arrives in Mexico for 12 Performances

April 30, 2023

After a long flight from the United Kingdom, Shen Yun artists arrived in Monterrey, Mexico, on April 26.

For some artists, it’s their eighth time performing in Mexico.

“I think we are really excited to be able to bring the new set of programs to Mexico, and the audience here is really warm. I’ve been here about five times. [I’m] really excited to showcase the true traditional Chinese culture to Mexico once again,” Shen Yun principal dancer Miranda Zhou Galati said.

William Li, a Shen Yun principal dancer, said this was his eight time visiting Mexico with New York-based Shen Yun.

“This is my eighth time, so I’m very excited to be back and performing for the people of Mexico,” Mr. Li said.

“When we perform in Mexico, I notice that the audience is very warm and I feel like there’s a connection between Chinese culture and even Mexican culture because there’s a lot of values that [are] universal that we share. So [it’s] really, really good every time.”

Ziming (Nika) Zhang, Shen Yun’s principal violinist and soloist, also described her experience of the people of Mexico as warm.

“Considering the audience reception last year, it [the audience] was really excited, it as really warm. In a way, to me, it was a little different than the kind of receptions we get elsewhere. I think it’s just something to do with the character, the people here. I really like performing here so I’m really excited. I think it will be really good,” she said.

The artists said Shen Yun’s 2023 season will bring back a whole new set of music, dance, costumes, and stories, with the same universal values embedded in traditional Chinese culture.

“So it’s a whole new set of programs but it’s true traditional Chinese culture with pure values of semi-divine culture; Chinese traditional dances believed to be semi-divine, something very pure in its original form,” Ms. Galati said.

Mr. Li said that Shen Yun is showcasing “China before communism” because “China has 5,000 years of traditional culture and there’s a lot to see before communism came in. So you’re going to see a lot of traditional stories, and a lot of legends and myths that are presented on stage, [and] very wonderful costumes and backdrops.”

“We present the same universal values that we always do: kindness, compassion, faith, perseverance,” Ms. Zhang added. “I think it’s something that can influence and also inspire people anywhere. It doesn’t matter what language you speak or what culture you’re from, you can always understand those things and they can touch you.”

Shen Yun will give 12 performances in three Mexican cities this year, starting in Monterrey through May 1, and then Mexico City, and Guadalajara. Due to popular demand, an additional performance has been added on May 10 in Guadalajara.

“This is the fourth time it’s been here in Monterrey and people are very excited to welcome the company year after year,” said Jenifer García Sandoval of the Falun Dafa Association Mexico, which is the host for Shen Yun in Mexico.

“Many people are now familiar with the show and come back because they have seen past performances. And others who wanted to see it but didn’t have the opportunity are now going to the box office to buy their tickets because they say this year, they do not want to miss it.”

NTD News, Monterrey, Mexico