Shen Yun Artists ‘Touched My Soul’ Says Professor of Music

April 15, 2019

Once a dancer, Mexican TV and film actor Sergio Corona came to watch Shen Yun in Mexico on April 6 for the third time. Each time he was amazed by the skills of the performers.

“I’m very familiar with the difficulty they have in making all their movements, all their choreography, all their elegance, so perfect,” said Corona. “The discipline and rehearsal, they have to move the hands, the arms, the legs, and the body…They deliver it with a professionalism and a wonderful artistic quality.”

“The charm of what they do, the charm of the combination of colors, of movements, and all, it teaches us that discipline is something we must have for any activity, not just for dance or theater. It’s a discipline that must be applied to everything we do in life,” he added.

Shen Yun has a unique orchestra that blends the spirit of Chinese music with the power of a Western orchestra. The all-original compositions and dance pieces are inspired by its 5,000 years of culture and legends.

“I loved the orchestra, I liked it a lot,” said Gabriel Sierra Fincke, professor of music. “The way the dancers expressed themselves touched my soul, I liked it a lot.”

“They blend in all the arts, not only dance but the color, the textures, I liked that a lot,” he added.

As a musician and piano professor, he describes Shen Yun as an unforgettable and sensational experience.

“The connection with my senses, I really liked that it transports you. It made me breathe the sounds, made me want to eat the colors, made me want to open my sensory paradigms,” said Fincke.

“I liked the fact that it made me break through the senses of having to listen through the ears, and breathe the sound, for instance.”

“I’m telling you that I carry it in my stomach, in my senses, I breathe it. Absolutely (Shen Yun) lives up to the name. I almost certainly saw the dancers’ souls, the smiles on their faces,” added Fincke. “I was very close to the stage, so I could experience the dancers’ honesty.”

NTD News, Mexico