Shen Yun Brings ‘Divine Richness’ to France

April 24, 2023

Shen Yun brought eight performances to Montpellier, France, for two weeks from April 16 to 21. Audiences said the performance was phenomenal.

“I was surprised by the multitude of images, by the richness of the colors, the staging, the dances, the choreography. It was really magnificent,” said Jean-Pascal Schiano De Colella, financial management instructor at Gréta.

“Wonderful. Absolutely magnificent,” said Christian Desmoulins, a member of the National Academy of Sciences. “Each dancer dances very well, with a suppleness, a grace for the women and a will for the men, absolutely magnificent, and the whole forms a choreography which is completely harmonized at the same time in the choice of the movements, but also in the choice of the colors,” he added.

“It is a level, I was going to say that you are at the height of perfection,” said Patrice Pezzini, a former business owner.

Ancient Chinese people believed that culture and the arts were gifts from the heavens. Shen Yun incorporates this mindset and aims to bring back this essence of culture on stage.

“I find all these performances absolutely amazing. For me it represents China as I imagined it, what I read when I was young, China before Mao,” said Jean-Pierre Brisse, a senior military officer (Ret.) in the French Army.

“A lot of joy and I think pride to know that it still exists, that the China of your ancestors has not disappeared and is not ready to disappear, I think and I hope so anyway,” he added.

“The divine side really appears in every sense and in all these forms. So you can feel this divine richness that fills the dancers and the musicians and even the singers for that matter,” said Schiano De Colella.

Mr. Pezzin finds Shen Yun “gives us this mystical aspect of China, and then this old China that connects with the new.”

And he added that the performance has given him a new perspective on life. “It’s necessary to take a step back from things. Maybe we lack a little bit of that [scope] in France today, and it’s very good to be able to settle down a little bit, to meditate, and the dances bring us a lot of serenity in a general way.”

And Schiano De Colella felt the change too. “This kind of emotion, linked to this richness, I mean this multitude of things that pervades you permanently and that certainly transforms you. In other words, after this performance, you are certainly different, and have acquired other things, and you can look at the world in a different way.”

Shen Yun is in Tours, France, on April 24 for two more shows, before performing in Paris in May.

NTD News, Montpellier, France