Shen Yun Captivates Philadelphia Audiences ‘Highlighting the Positive’

March 6, 2019

PHILADELPHIA, Penn.—Audience members at the sold-out Merriam theater in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, enjoyed Shen Yun’s captivating performance on Feb. 28.

Lauren Mulqueen, an executive at Axalta Coating Systems, said the music was awesome and the dancing amazing.

“The choreography with the music, it was just captivating,” she said.

“I didn’t realize that it would have more of a mix of culture involved,” said Mulqueen.

“So I appreciated that it really gave a lot of the history of China, and it also incorporated some of the problems that they are having today, as far as maintaining that culture, and also sharing it with the rest of the world.”

Freedom to Express

Due to the Chinese Communist Party’s atheist policy and its attempts to destroy divinely inspired traditional Chinese culture, Shen Yun is not allowed to perform in China.

“I couldn’t imagine why not,” said Mulqueen. “I don’t see anything negative … I think they’re just highlighting the positive.”

“There’s always an underlying message, and it’s the same message as today,” said Mulqueen. “How to be a good moral person, and how to make the right decisions, how to help others in need.”

“The audience members, everybody’s enjoying the show,” said Andy Lovell, owner of Lovell Brothers Landscaping. “Everybody’s quiet, and very attentive. No cellphones, it’s a great experience. I don’t see why anyone wouldn’t find it enjoyable.”

“It’s very enjoyable, I would suggest it to anyone,” said Lovell. “The costumes are so colorful and bold, and it’s bright, and it’s entertaining.”

Culturally Expanding

“The performers are excellent,” said Robert Errichetti, Investment Advisor at MassMutual. “Very acrobatic, as well as aesthetically pleasing with their ballet.”

“They depicted it in such a way that it really caught your attention, and made you understand what was going on,” said Errichetti.

“I think that a lot of people should see it. It’s very culturally expanding.”

NTD News, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania