Shen Yun Carries a ‘Universal Message of Hope’ Says NYC Theatergoer

April 10, 2024

Shen Yun Performing Arts sold out two shows at The David H. Koch Theater at Lincoln Center New York City on April 5 and 6. The company presents a showcase of 5,000 years of ancient Chinese culture through dance and music.

“This cultural show was beautiful, was meaningful, and understandable. What I really liked about it, it tells a universal story. And for everybody to appreciate it. And the stories in this show are woven into the cultures of the whole world and it draws us closer. And I hope that you have more of these shows,” said Steven Balson-Cohen, an attorney at Steven Balson-Cohen P.C.

“I think that we need to see more performances like this that tell stories behind dance. I love the fact that this is a cultural story. It’s a history bringing to life, and for so many people it’s a chance to get to know China, to get to know Chinese history. And telling this through art, such as dance, is one of the most effortless and incredible ways to tell something so meaningful. So it’s been incredible,” said Maria Sergeeva, a product manager for London Stock Exchange Group.

“There’s so much to China that we’re not seeing right now, and there’s so much to the history and the culture of the people. And to see that on stage, performed by actual performers who are so well-versed in it, it’s a must-see,” said Shandra Tindall, the chief of staff for Greycroft.

“This has increased my interest in the culture. I think they’re doing a good job of making me more interested in understanding more about China’s history and culture,” said Mark Swartzberg, the VP for Investor Relations at Reynolds Consumer Products.

The company puts one of the world’s oldest performance art forms center stage: classical Chinese dance. The dance system’s movements date back thousands of years. According to Shen Yun’s website, each movement is rich in its ability to express a variety of feelings and stories.

“‘A plus’ effort, it was so good. I enjoyed every minute. I think the performers were really putting their heart and souls into it. I mean, when you see all the flips, the twists, it’s 110% they’re going higher and stronger than anything I’ve seen before. It’s so cool,” said Katelin Kutchko, vice president of a commercial real estate company.

“The most amazing thing was the acrobatics. And the one guy who did the backflips that really floated it out, that was spectacular. I don’t even know how he can do it without a trampoline. Absolutely amazing,” said Simon Evans, CEO of Stabilice Frozen Foundation Systems.

Through each performance, theatergoers took note of the message of hope and kindness.

“I think it’s a wonderful message, I believe in helping people with kindness,” said Kevin Foley, partner at Johnson Foley & Cirigliano, P.C.

“The universal message of hope. That life is beautiful. And that our connections to each other are more important than what may separate us,​​” added Mr. Balson-Cohen.

“I love it, it’s [a] very beautiful, very powerful message. We should all be more kind,” said André Kullock, vice president of Brookfield.

Shen Yun will stay in New York City for another seven performances through April 14.

NTD News, New York